Wednesday, November 2, 2016

America Supreme Court Chief Justice Ray Moore suspended for defiance over same-sex marriage

Summary: On September 30, 2016, Roy Moore, Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice was suspended for defying same sex marriage. He was also removed from office in 2003 after he refused to remove a 10 commandments monument he had installed in a judicial building in Montgomery and was reelected in 2012. In January this year, he issued an order probating the judges in the state from issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples. Moore ¨disgraced his office and undermined the integrity of the judiciary by putting his personal religious beliefs above his sworn duty to uphold the U.S. Constitution¨.
Connection: This is connected to Federalism because Moore was making rules that contradicted the federal government. Federalism is where the laws of the US Government overrule laws of the states. Same-sex marriage is legal according to the US government, so it is not allowed for Moore, an Alabama Chief Justice to prohibit judges from issuing marriage licenses.
Do you think it was right for Moore to suspended?
Are there any other ways to fix this situation?
Why do you think Moore put his own religious beliefs above his sworn duty to uphold the US Constitution?

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Pope says he believes ban on female priests is forever

Summary:When Pope Francis was interviewed after landing in Sweden he was asked if he thought women were allowed in the Catholic Churches as ministers in coming decades. He has said no and he stated/believes that women shall not be priest in Catholic Churches he also says jesus would willingly choose men as his apostles. He talked about Pope John Paul 11 and how in 1994 pope jhon closed the door on a female priesthood. Pope Francis Claims that if you read the " Declaration of St . Jhon Paul 11 , it is going in that direction ".

Connection : This connects to history in the 1913 when women weren't allowed to vote , work or do any sort of job. Everyone claimed that men were the only ones who have jobs because their strong , they said women were the ones who had to stay home and clean , take care of all the children because they were weaker and weren't able to handle heavy things .

Questions : Do you think it's wrong that women can't be priest?
                  How would you feel if you were told you couldn't be something you wanted to be ?

                 Would you keep this law the same or change it ?

Ferguson, MI Jails People for Failing Paying Minor Tickets

Summary: Ferguson, MI first became the focus of the public's attention after the killing of Mike Brown, an unarmed teen, by a Ferguson police officer. This sparked an investigation by the Justice Department that found that people in the city are routinely arrested and jailed for failing to pay traffic and court fines. People who are jailed for being too poor to pay minor debts most often lose their jobs and homes, only worsening the circumstances they are faced with. Using arrest warrants to enforce fine payment allows police to target black residents, which make up a large majority of the poor in Ferguson. Debtors prisons were outlawed under federal law in 1833. In 1983 the Supreme Court ruled jailing someone for being too poor to pay fines unconstitutional and that a judge must consider if a debtor has the ability to willfully pay or not. What it means to be able to willfully pay, however, can vary depending on the judge. This allows places like Ferguson and surrounding areas to become modern day debtors prisons.

Connection: In the 19th century it was common for people to be thrown in jail for not paying debts. Debtors prisons were outlawed under federal law in 1833. A nonspecific Supreme Court ruling, however, still allows people to face the same consequences for being too poor.

Questions: Is it fair for people to serve time for not being able to pay fines?
Do you think loopholes like this allow police to be racially biased and claim it justified?

Liberia's schools see improved attendance with free meals

Summary: In Liberia many people especially students starve.  The article describes a 16 year old who dreams to be a nurse so she can help her family out. She lives with her grandma who cannot afford to feed her on a daily basis. This family also shares one plate of food which means there is never enough for all of them. Organizations around the world such as Mary’s Meals are working hard to be able to provide the schools with meals. The kids of the schools are unable to work efficiently when on an empty stomach, so feeding them benefits the way they learn and their lifestyle.

Connection: During the revolutionary war many organizations such as red cross provided the necessities for those who ill and injured. This then helped the soldiers get what they need in order to keep fighting for their side. This article shows that humanitarian organizations are still needed today in order to help others in need.

Question:  How can we sustain humanitarian organizations that way they can continue to help the less fortunate? Why?

28 students and teachers die in attack on school in Syria

Summarize: In a school in Syria, 28 students and teachers were killed in an attack. By doing this attack the attackers went against war rules. Russian attackers deny that they were the ones that attacked the school. This school is only one of the 38 schools that were attacked in Syria. The attacks that happened in these schools left 3 of the schools unusable because of all the damage. America, although unsure if Russia actually initiated the attack, has valid reason to assume so. 

Connection: This connects to what we are learning about because something has to be done in order to help the Syrian civilians. These attacks and this war can lead to bigger things that can soon involve different countries. 

1) Do you think it was Russia that attacked this school?
2) What can be done to help these schools recover from these attacks?

Kim Kardashian held at gunpoint in Paris


Image result for kim k paris incident
Image result for kim k paris incident                    Image result for kim k paris incident                                                         
     Kim Kardashian was held at gunpoint in Paris by five armed robbers who fled with millions of dollars worth of jewelry. Mother-of-two Kim(35) was tied up, held at gun point, and locked in her bathroom, while the criminals ransacked her private apartment in Paris during early hours of October 5th, Monday morning. A spokesman for the star said the was "badly shaken" by the incident but unhurt. It has been claimed she 'begged for her life' during the terrifying ordeal. On Monday afternoon, Kim returned to New York and reunited with her husband, Kanye West, who cut short his concert telling crowds he had to deal with a "family emergency".
     This connects to when The Native Americans homes were invaded of their privacy and held captive.
     How would you feel if any of these events happened to you? 

Friday, October 28, 2016

Berkeley protesters form human chain to stop white students from getting to class

In this June 1, 2011, file photo, people walk through Sproul Plaza near the Sather Gate on the University of California, Berkeley campus in Berkeley, Calif. The university suspended a class on Sept. 13, 2016, amid complaints that it shared anti-Semitic viewpoints and was designed to indoctrinate students against Israel. (AP Photo/Eric Risberg, File)


Summary: On Friday, the 21st of October was a day of protest at Berkeley's Sather Gate which were demanding more "safe spaces" for transgender and non-white students. Blocking white students from entering, shouting "go around" and having to go through trees to cross the strawberry creek to where students of color were allowed through. One student criticized the actions of the protesters as "being quite childish"  video can be found here

Connection: This may once again lead to segregated areas of certain places. Whether it being of color or sexuality, places and "safe spaces" may become another issue of segregation as was back in 1954

Question: In your own opinion, do you think the students protesting for segregated safe spaces is a good idea? If so, why?

Federal Judge to Florida: Why Aren't More People Registered?

Map of Florida

(scroll down towards the bottom of the page)

Summary: In Florida 25,000 voters have not been registered. Luckily, Judge Mark Walker has argued to extend the deadline, because of hurricane Matthew. The reason that was reported for people being unregistered was that they have insufficient information or incorrect addresses. Since the extension, 13,000 more people that were previously unregistered, are registered. This process is still continuing.

Connection: This connects to the current presidential election,the debate videos we were assigned to watch, and our class discussions about the election.

Questions: The situation of people being unregistered and not voting is very prevalent currently. This problem is not just in Florida.

Do you think that every adult should be "required" to vote?

Do you think the citizens that don't vote influence the election?

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Thursday October 27, 2016

Man arrested for destruction of Donald Trump's Walk of Fame star


Summary: A man is arrested for destoying Donald Trump's Star in holleywood. The man claims that he was going to sell the star and use the money to give to the women who had been sexually harassed. Some reacted with enjoyment and others were upset. Considering a mute button had been drawn on it in the past, it looks as though people will continue to abuse it. This incident began at 6am and no one initially thought it was strange. He says he has no regrets and "he admitted his mistakes... unlike Trump who has not"

Connection: This relates to the Indian Removal Act becuase our country is being forced to vote for two "not so great leaders".  Also, like the Gilded Age, people make Trump look great and excellent on the outside when in reality he's a rude racist.

Why do you think people take the risk of "creating harm" if they know they will get caught?

Why do you think Trump is getting the support and fans he has?

Would you go as far as destroying his star again?

A Nation Divided
Image result for trump vs biden


Trump's side:
Biden's side:

While speaking about the Donald's accosting nature to women, Vice President Joe Biden said, "I wish we were in High School and i could take him behind the gym." At a rally in Texas the Donald responded by saying, "did you see where Biden wants to take me to the back of the barn, me, he wants it, i'd love that, i'd love that, mr. tough guy, you know when he's mr tough guy is when he's behind a microphone, he wants to take me to the back of the barn, ooooh." To get a better understanding of tone watch the video's linked. What is interesting here is not the political banter, not the fact that the sitting Vice President threatened to fight someone, but that the news depicts this incident in two ways. Some news sources paint the Donald as the aggressor, headlining "Trump throws counter punch after Joe Biden Comments," while some sources show Biden as the aggressor, headlining "Biden wishes he could take Trump 'behind the gym' over lewd comments." Liberals will read the headline condemning Trump, republicans will read the headline condemning Biden. We are a nation divided, unable to consider the counter view as rational because we are blind to any opinion other than our own. This is an example of that exact case, but many more examples are out there; people are unwilling to listen to another's point of view because it contradicts their own. 

Connection: This connects to the Presidential debates we have been watching and the upcoming election. 

Questions: Can you think of another example of this stubborn mindset?
Do you feel as if you are this way? 

Dakota Access Pipeline Protests In North Dakota Turn Violent

Image result for north dakota pipeline


Summary: Earlier this month, thousands of Native American Tribes gathered and set up camp in North Dakota. They are intending to fight against the pipeline which has been scheduled to be built. The Native Americans are worried about the $3.8 billion pipeline, which is slated to run through four states, that could disturb sacred sites and affect the reservation's drinking water. This is due the route that the oil pipeline takes. The oil pipeline hits the side of the Standing Rock Reservation which may damage the water supplies and destroy cultural sites. However, this is denied by the company that is building the pipeline. The Energy Transfer Partners, the manufacturers, say that it will have no effect on the water supply.
In the past days the previously peaceful protests have turned violent. Law enforcement officers wearing riot gear and firing bean bags and pepper spray on Thursday, ousted protesters from a camp on private land in the path of the Dakota Access oil pipeline. They police cleared the area due to the roadblocks and fires that were set up by the Indians. This fight has now gone to the courtroom as the Native Americans are challenging the "permits on more than 200 water crossings...[they have also taken help from] three federal agencies in order to block the building of the pipeline. However, it is still being built on private land.
Connection: This relates back to the Native American Removal Act, as the major organizations are taking advantage of the Native Americans. They are also forcing them to have unfavorable living conditions as in the gilded age.
Question: Who do you think is in the right the Native Americans or the major Organizations?
How does the oil pipeline make you feel?

              Roommate Pleads Guilty in Webcam Spying Case

March 2, 2012: Dhuran Ravi waiting for his trial to begin.

Summary: Dharun Ravi, a 24 year old Rutger's alumni, was pleaded guilty for invasion of privacy for capturing his former roommate, Tyler Clementi, kissing another man. Clementi committed suicide on September 22, 2010. When in court, Ravi took ownership of his actions of plotting to spy on his roommate. He also states he invited others to "watch the activity". Dharun was looking at 10 years of jail after being set on probation for 30 days. In 2012, Dharun was found guilty for 15 counts (15 different charges/offences) and sentenced for 30 days in a corrections center in North Brunswick, as well as a $10,000 fine. 

Connection: This news article connects to the context of the Constitution of our rights and laws. We viewed many of the laws the Constitution withholds, and this article demonstrates the consequences of not following the country's laws or a person's rights.

1. Was Ravi's punishment harsh enough? Too harsh? Why?
2. Why is invasion of privacy not only illegal, but morally wrong and unethical? What do morals mean to you in this case?

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Facial-Recognition Technology Seems to Unfairly Target Minorities


Summary: Police officers have a government database that uses facial recognition to monitor people. Half of American adults are included in this database. Issues have been raised around the idea that police officers are using surveillance technology for racially biased purposes. It has been proven that a vast majority of the database is of colored people. However, anyone without a criminal background can be tracked through the governments facial recognition software; this has brought up many concerns. Even video cameras on the street can be used to scan people and match them to an image in the database. The American Civil Liberties Union has come to the conclusion that this type of technology may be violating the rights of millions of Americans. Alvaro Bedoya, executive director of Georgetown's privacy and technology center, said "It can change the basic freedom we have to go about our lives without people identifying us from afar and in secret." Although these surveillance tools can be helpful in catching criminals, it still can be misused by anyone who has access to the database.

Connection: This news article connects back to the formation of the U.S. Constitution because it was created to establish laws and guarantee basic rights for U.S. citizens.

Questions: What are your thoughts about the government allowing police officers to use facial recognition technology? Explain.

How does this make you feelknowing that many people are possibly being watched and searched by the government? Why?

How could this technology be altered or changed so that innocent people are not involved in this method of tracking criminals?

Alaska villagers face dual threat of hungry polar bears, warmer weather

Summary: This article is saying how the temperature in Alaska is rising extremely high, which affects the polar bears and the Alaskan villagers. It affects the polar bears because the ice is melting faster which leads to the polar bears traveling farther to catch food. It also affects the Alaskan villagers because the polar bears would go look for food in their homes. Additionally to the dual threat, Local and wildlife activist also reported that, there are two ways to help store food properly to prevent people or polar bears getting hurt.

Connection: It connects to the Industrial Revolution because factories would have mass production manufacturing and the need of fossil fuel to keep them running. The burning of fossil fuel will go into the air, which will cause global warming. The global warming that affects the animals, plants and the Earth.

- What are your thoughts about global warming?
- What do you think we as a high school student can do for the polar bears?
- How you feel if the polar bears came to your house looking for food?

Friday, October 21, 2016

Kim Kardashian West in New York with family after Paris Robbery

Original Article:

Summary:  Kim Kardashian, the reality star was held at gunpoint after a group of men posed as a police and robbed her early Monday at an apartment.  The Paris police apartment said that Kardashians celebrity status, as well as her millions of social media followers, made it easy pickings for thieves.  According to resources, it was really the celebrity who was targeted with possessions that had been posted on her social media.  Kim Kardashian was robbed of a phone and 10 million dollars worth of jewelry that have been posted on her media a few days earlier.  Kardashian is a very active poster on twitter, snap chat, and by posting much of what she had which led to the robbery.  

Connection: This connects to Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton's debates so far in 2016.  For advertisements and publicity, people post their decisions on social media about how they feel is going on through America.  As Donald Trump sees himself as a rich businessman, advertising how much money one has can cause violence anywhere.  As shown by Kim Kardashian's incident, advertising your possessions and parts of social class can lead to violence.

Questions:  How would we as America be able to stop violence without prohibiting celebrity use of social media?
Do you agree that social media is one of the reasons why America is entitled to so much violence?

Police kill a black man in LA

Summary: On October 1st, the LAPD fatally shoot another black man, that is the third black man to be killed in the past 5 days while interacting with police. His name was Carnell Snell Jr. and he was only 18 years old, and he was shot for fleeing a vehicle with a paper license plate. People in the community have asked the LAPD to investigate the shooting. The LAPD have announced that an investigation will occur to see if the deadly force was necessary and that they will look and see if there were any criminal charges involved.

Connections: It connects to racial segregation in the 60's because white people treated African Americans poorly. It connects to racism because every time we hear about police shootings that end up killing someone, it's always a white police officer and a black man it's never a black police officer.

Question: What do you think influenced this shooting? Do you think racism has changed?

Debate guests: Trump takes Obama's half-brother, Clinton picks Cuban

Image result for obama half brother

Summary: Donald Trump brings Obama's half brother to the final debate to help him win the debate. Furthermore Malik Obama, who was born in Kenya and as an american citizen, voiced his support for Trump in July, saying he hoped to meet the republican nominee. On the other hand Hillary Clinton invites to her side of the debate two well-known billionaires in attempt to rattle Donald Trumps by questioning his own net worth. Malik Obama shares the same father with the president but has a different mother, also Malik blames Clinton for Gadhafi death due to being toppled and killed for making the situation worse in Libya. Both nominee's are basically talking badly about each other and bringing people that they think can help them with there topic to be president of united states. 

Connection: This debate connects to Lincoln vs. Douglas in 1860. There talking  bad about each other  in trying to gain control of how the voters feel about them and they are use mudslinging towards each other. This connects to my topic because Donald Trump is using mudslinging to make Hillary Clinton look bad and Hillary is also using mudslinging to make Donald Trump look bad .

Questions: Who do you think will win the debate?

Who do you support ?

Why did they bring other people to help ?

Why do they use mudslinging

UN warns of ISIS using 'human shields' in Mosul as militants strike

Iraqi army and militia forces arrive Thursday in Saleh village in the offensive to wrest Mosul from ISIS.

   Original Article:

Summary: ISIS has taken over 550 people and is using them as shields. They are doing this so the Iraqi forces have to kill their own people if they want to kill ISIS. This will cause many civilians to lose their lives if the Iraqis decide to shoot. ISIS also kills the left over people instead of letting them go. In a place near Mosul they killed around 40 civilians by shooting at them. This is bad because ISIS seems to be getting away with this horrible act of using civilians to cover them. This should be stopped because the civilians aren't in the war, and they shouldn't be brought into it if they don't want to be.

Connection: This connects to U.S. history because in the Korean war, the Koreans took American soldiers and used their bodies as shields. They did this for the same reason, so their enemies would be more hesitant at shooting at them.

Why do you think that they did this?

Do you think using civilians as shields is too far?

Do you think that civilians should be kept out of the war unless they want to be in it?

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Philippine President Duterte announces 'separation' from the United States of America

Link to Article: Philippine President Duterte: 'I announce my separation from the United States' - LA Times

Summary: President of the Philppines, Rodrigo Duterte,  announces the Philippines' separation from the United States in terms of military and economics. However, United States representatives don't exactly know what Duterte meant when he announced this. One thing he stated was, "Maybe I will also go to Russia to talk to Putin and tell him that there are three of us against the world - China, Philippines, and Russia." He seems very sure that he does not want to be in association with the United States.

Connection: This connects to the Mutual Defense Treaty between the Philippines and the United States that was sign on August 30, 1951. This treaty was made to have each of these countries agree to support each other if they were being attacked by any other nations. But since President Duerte stated what he said in his announcement, the treaty that was signed between these two nations may be broken.

Discussion Questions:
1. Do you think President Duterte will follow through with his plan? Why or Why not?

2. Why do you think Duterte made this decision?

3. Do you think this effects the US a lot or a little? Explain.  

Trump Delivers Harsh Remarks on Clinton at Charity Dinner


Image result for trump dinner 

Summary: Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton both attended the Al Smith Dinner, and each gave a speech. The Alfred E. Smith Memorial Foundation Dinner is a tradition in American presidential politics and marks the last time the two nominees share a stage. While both candidate's poked fun of each other, Trump started to deliver harsh remarks about Hillary. Trumps remarks started turning into attacks and the crowd booed him. Christine Quinn, the former speaker of New York's city council, said that she has never witnessed a crowd boo at an Al Smith Dinner ever. Hillary delivered a speech also but did not get booed. 

Connections: This charity dinner dates back to the year 1945, when the first Al Smith charity dinner took place. This dinner has always been a US tradition where the two candidates spend there last times sharing a stage.

  • Was it appropriate for Donald Trump to make such remarks about Hillary at a charity dinner? What purpose do you think this charity dinner serves?
  • Will voters change their mind by listening to the speeches given by the candidates?
  • What purpose do you think this charity dinner serves?

Islamist Girl School that taught pupils to kill gay people forced to close

Link :

Summary :
In 2006 Aliyah Saleem was expelled from the Jamia Al Hudaa girls' school in Nottingham. After being expelled, Saleem spoke out about the school, stating that the school, rather than teaching them about standard subjects such as geography, art, sports and history, taught them that gay men should be subjected to the death sentence and that it was okay for husbands to beat women. Because of this, their test scores were lower than average and they failed many tests. The pupils were also bullied and subject to mistreatment by a poorly trained staff. Saleem has argued that closing down the school was not enough. She feels that all independent schools should be subjected to a more vigorous monitoring system.

Connection :
This can be connected the era before the Civil War. People were taught that some people were inferior to others, even if it was not true. The whites during the time were taught that the Negro was inferior to them, similar to the way that the girls are taught that gay people should be killed. The girls are also being taught that women were inferior.

Questions :

  • How would you feel if someone tried to force you to believe something that you did not agree with?
  • How can we prevent schools like this from subjecting children to their often incorrect views?
  • Does the government have a responsibility to ensure what kids are taught? Why?

Donald trump wants to force mexicans to pay for the border or withdraw from NATO. Scholars say that he is just saying these things to get voters. Some people that used to work for him say it was very hard to help him in the campaign. He gained supporters by threatening to leave NATO. His supporters think he can put order in the U.S because of the chaos around the world. I think that trump can't put order he will only make more chaos.

Why do you think he is getting more voters?

Addressing Women's Rights Recap from 3rd and Final Debate

Summary: The candidates have polar opposite views on women's rights especially towards abortion. Trump is a strong believer of pro life, which will limit women's rights to determinate a baby to will. Hilary being a women herself is sympathetic to women when it comes to their own bodies. Overall Hillary wants to uplift an equalize women ,asking sure they have equal rights and equal pay. Trump on the other hand doesn't address the needs for the women and he doesn't address the needs for women which makes them feel less than. Hillary did a good job in the 3rd debate on equalizing women and re-positioning trump with his sexist behavior.

Connection: If Trump becomes president the rights of women might regress back to the early 1900s when women couldn't vote and didn't have equal rights. It would be a detriment to society if we regressed back to where we were before the 19th Amendment was passed.

Are you concerned that if Trump became president do you think women might be oppressed?

Do you think that Clinton will be able to bring equal pay for women if she becomes president?

Do you think that Trump is sexist and made those comments to make himself feel bigger?

The Candidates Could Not Have Disagreed More on Abortion

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Mosul battle: Islamic State group's leaders fleeing city, US says


 Iraqi forces fire shells on a village near Mosul

Mosul is a city in northern Iraq, which in recent years been occupied by Islamic State (IS). According to the US military, the main leaders of the IS have fled from Mosul as a result of Iraqi forces closing in on the city from the south. Approximately 5000 IS fighters are believed to be currently remaining in the city. US General Gary Volesky claims, "We've seen movement out of Mosul; we've got indications that leaders have left." He didn't, however, specify who had left the city or the location to where they might've escaped to, including IS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. Many devoted IS militants, however, will likely stay in the city and continue fighting to keep control. About 5000 refugees have already escaped the city and are camping over the border of Syria. Approximately 1.5 million civilians, however, are still trapped in the city. Many people inside reported that the IS forces are preventing them from leaving and that they are lacking resources.

This connects to US History because in the past, the US has been committed towards stopping multiple terrorist groups, such as the KKK, even if they were outside of the country. In addition, this an example of a Push Factor that is causing many civilians to become displaced refugees.

Discussion Questions:
Do you believe that the US should continue spending resources towards stopping ISIS? How can the US help the civilians who are still trapped in the city? How can the US help the refugees who have escaped from the city?

New York Police Officer Kills Mentally Ill Black Woman

Summary: Police officer Sgt. Hugh Barry shot and killed a mentally ill black woman after she failed to comply to Sgt Barry's orders to drop a pair of scissors and attempted to hit him with a bat. The shooting caused mass outrage. Sgt Barry was striped of his gun and badge after this incident. Many are arguing if this was a self defense move.

Connection: This connects to the unfair shootings in the South by the Klu Klux Klan. in 1865, the Klu Klux Klan started to terrorize African Americans because they started to gain power and rights.

Discussion: Do you think that Sgt. Hugh Barry was right to shoot her. Is this considered self defense.