Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Title: Critics Say North Caroline Is Curbing Black Vote. Again.


Summary: This article is reporting on the Supreme Court's decision to deny Voting Restrictions that North Carolina and other states tried to include. These voters restrictions would make it harder for minorities or poor people to vote. The restrictions would have included: limiting voting to one weekend day, and early voting to only 1 voting polling place in an area of 408 miles. That would make it very hard for poor people or anyone without transportation to get to the station. Critics are connecting this restriction to North Carolina trying to restrict monitories voting rights, including African Americans. This isn't the first time North Carolina tried to suppress Blacks voting rights, either. Their 2013 voting rules also tried to discourage African Americans from voting. 

US History Connection: This article relates to Proposition 187 in CA of 1995, which restricted illegal immigrants from public education. These relate because in both instances, the people in charge tried to give immigrants, or minorities, less rights than the majorities or other people. It is singling them out and not giving them the same rights and attention as the other people.
Discussion Question: Why do you think people are still trying to limit the rights of minorities even after all these years?


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  2. I think that people are trying to restrict the rights of minorities because they might feel that the minorities would vote for a candidate who's trying to fix problems circling around the low wages instead of favoring the rich people. Its sad to see that even today, people are still trying to limit the rights of minorities instead of solving the problem by makeing a voting poll closer to them.

    1. I agree that it is very sad to see, Divesh. It's a shame to see how desperate people are to restrict minorities from their basic human rights, like voting.

  3. People are still trying to limit the rights of minorities because they are afraid that minorities might be able to take over the existing "balance".