Friday, September 30, 2016

"Suspect in two Texas killings, kidnapping had been deported three times"

"Suspect in two Texas killings, kidnapping had been deported three times"

Summary: In Dallas, Texas Tuesday the 27th, police have brought in suspect Juan Navarro Rios for the murders of two civilians. The police ran his records, and found that he had previously been deported from the United States under felony charges. Rios is an illegal immigrant from Mexico and has entered the United States under various aliases, causing police difficulty when investigating his true identity. Rios has been listed under "repeat offenders" by US Border Control, yet has somehow managed to enter the country man times. The issue of illegal immigration and the immigration process in general has been on the hot table, and Rios's case has shown light on the flaws in the immigration system as it exists. Rios's actions have made a negative impression of illegal immigrants in the Dallas community.

Connection: This can be related to the formation of the US Border Patrol in 1924 that established a weak and flawed border protection agency that did little to ensure security. It can also be related to the Immigration act of 1990, which was an attempt to have greater border protection. In modern days, the most obvious connection is to the 2016 presidential race, which features candidates with very heated positions about immigration.

Further Questions: 
How might both Trump and Hillary use this event to argue for their immigration policies?
How can stereotypes be motivators?
Do you believe deportation to be an effective tool?
If not, how else should the US deal with illegal immigrants who commit crimes?


Thursday, September 29, 2016

USA TODAY's Editorial Board: Trump is 'unfit for the presidency'

The editorial board has never taken sides in the presidential race for over 34 years.  Donald Trump was found by unanimous decision unfit for presidency in the eyes of the editorial board.  They claim he is erratic, ill-equipped to be the commander in chief, traffics in prejudice, has a checkered business career, isn't leveling with the people of America, speaks recklessly, and he is a serial liar.  They agree that the next president does not matter as long as it isn't Trump.

This can be connected to the presidency of Herbert Hoover who was a business man who was elected president without ever previously holding an elected office.  His presidency was rated as one of the worst of all time.

Conclusion Question:
Do you think Trump is fit for the presidency why or why not? Also if he is elected president do you think hes term will be better or worse than Herbert Hoover's?

Transit train crashes at New Jersey station

People are treated for their injuries outside  a Transit

Summary: On the morning of September 29, 2016 at 8:00 am in new jersey, a transit train crashed on the barrier at the end of the track.It resulted into a fatal accident were 108 are in critical state and their 1 reported dead person. witnesses say that the train was going at full speed and did not stop at the terminal it was suppose to, that was suppose to transport the commuters to Manhattan.

Connection: A connection to U.S History is Ellie Whitney's cotton machine invention during the time of slavery.Whitney's invention connects to this event , because the cotton machine invention was intended to help the cotton industry, but prevented slavery from being abolished. Same with trains, trains are built to help commuters go to different places but in times could end in a fatal accidents that effect peoples life.

Conclusion question: Why do you guys think the train didn't stop? and what do you think train engineers in the U.S and around the world could do to prevent from this from happening again

New Jersey Train Station Accident : One dead, A hundred injured

GettyImages-611263426-640x480.jpg (640×480)

SUMMARY :  During an early commute this Thursday morning, a train had crashed straight into a busy station located at Hoboken, New Jersey.  Officials now are trying to put the pieces together to say what may have caused the train to crash.  Over 100 were left injured from the accident and one had lost their live.  It was said that the one who passed was standing on a near platform and got hit by the debris that flew off from the train after it had slammed into the station.  With not much evidence about what may have caused the train to crash, Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey mentioned it was nothing "other than a tragic accident".  Victims were being pulled from under fallen concrete and some were being rescued from within the trains windows.   New Jersey's medical center had reported getting 66 patients whom later released 43 later that afternoon.  None of too critical condition.  Photos were being shown that expressed the damage had caused to the cities terminal.  The train was a popular one that gave access to 50,000 people a day.  It was said that the train was going so fast it hadn't even slowed down.  The experience was tragic and so horrifying you were able to hear the noise of the crash.

CONNECTION :  This train crash connects to the train first being invented around the 1500's.  The invention was a magnificent one that allowed the people to travel from different locations.  It was relied on by the American population to get to places and also caused an economical and political change to the country.  Engines were beginning to go into high production and fuel industries were going up in popularity.  More railroads were being built and now new routes were being formed in order to go to different places.  However sometimes good turns out bad like the tragic accident that had happened in Jersey.  The train has affected many and had changed the way America worked.

   Do you think anything could have been done in order to stop the crash or to make trains safer?
   How is the city going to be affected by this accident? Will new laws be made in order to change the trains system?

Hillary Claims Trump Lost Presidential Debate

The presidential debate that occurred on September 27, claimed that trump won the debate. They were both arguing over their political stances and issues. Trump kept interrupted Hillary's speech, while Hilary retorted that Trump should release his tax returns. Trump agreed to release them in a snide remark saying that he'll release them when Hillary releases the emails she deleted.

This current event corresponds with presidential debates in the past.

Who do you think won the presidential debate? why? Who are you voting for?

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

U.S. to send 600 more troops to Iraq for Mosul offensive

U.S. to send 600 more troops to Iraq for Mosul offensive


Due to Islamic State militants occupying the city of Mosul, The White House authorized the U.S. Military to send 600 troops to Iraq. Their purpose was to help train and prepare Iraqi military forces to fight against the militants and take back the city. There are now at least 5,000 authorized American troops in Iraq, but the main purpose would provide logistics and maintenance support in addition to training and advising Iraq's military forces. Although U.S. troops are not meant for combat forces, they can help lead ground force assaults against ISIS, otherwise known as ISIL. Even with the US's support, Iraqi forces will have a hard time re-taking the city of Mosul; Air Force Col. John Dorrian, a U.S. military spokesman in Baghdad stated that "[Islamic militants] built a hell on earth around themselves," having 2 years to fortify the city with defenses, tunnels, roadside bombs, and created even a makeshift oil-moat. With Iraqi forces seizing territory around the city Islamic militants used for supplies and also seizing an militant air force base, they are still facing a difficult situation as the militants are positioned in a city with hundreds of thousands of civilians that are used as human shields to block bombings and bullets being fired.


This article connects to the past tensions between the US and ISIS/ISIL bombings and attacks throughout the United States and the World. This recent event is an act of fighting against Islamic militants demonstrating acts of terrorism throughout the US and shows that the President and country are not sitting by and watching our country being attacked. This also relates to recent terrorist attacks on US soil, attacking 29 countries, killed 2,043 people, and injuring thousands of others. 


Do you think this is the best approach for the US to fight back against ISIS/ISIL?

Will this action help reduce or increase tensions between the two countries? Why?

What would you do if you were in charge of deciding how to fight against the Islamic militants?
California Officer Fatally Shoots African American Man

'Oh, my God, you killed my brother': Unarmed man shot dead by El Cajon police was 'mentally sick,' sister says

Summary: A “sick” man was not acting as himself, a female claiming to be the sister of the man called the police for them to help him. Two officers came to help out the man. One of the officers had a taser ready to discharge, the other was giving directions. The man was pacing back and forth with his hands in his pockets, then suddenly took an object out of his pockets and held it up like a gun. The officer giving directions decided to shoot the man for self-defense killing the man with the object. There was not a gun found at the scene of the crime. After the event happened police went back to the crime scene to investigate, and ask questions about the man. In the background the female claiming to be the man’s sister was crying and asking, “You killed my Brother… Why… Couldn’t you have tased him…” Eight friends of the man mourned for the their friend by lighting candles and grieving. The names of all the people involved in this event have not been leaked out.

Connections: The El Cajon shooting relates to any shooting from an officer to an unarmed person, but I will be connecting the Trayvon Martin case to the El Cajon shooting. Trayvon Martin a 17 year old male, who was shot to death by George Zimmerman. These two cases connect because they were both shot and killed while unarmed.

Discussion Questions:
Do you think it was right for the Officer to shoot him as soon as he took out the alleged gun not found at the crime scene?
Do you think the mentally ill man wanted to die, or wanted for the Officers to shoot him so he wouldn’t have to do it himself?
Do you think officers are properly equipped to handle a person with a mental illness?

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

The Wall of Trump

Link of Article:

-Picture of the Great Wall of China

Summary: Recently and ongoing, Donald Trump has been changing and altering many of his declared policies. Some are subject to change, and some seem to be part of his fixed standpoint and will not be changed in the near future. As most of us have already heard, Donald Trump pledged to build a wall that would be about 1000 miles long, and one of its goals was to “find and dislocate tunnels and keep out criminal cartels.” This wall is to serve as the US-Mexican border, and although it does not present a military threat to the United States, it does present a perceived security threat. However, this pledge is based on an apparently false premise, which states that technologies today exist or are within reach to find the estimated hundreds of tunnels that traverse the border. It is almost impossible to find every single tunnel being made by people that are trying to sneak past American borders, and Kevin Hecht, a Border Patrol tunneling expert, says that, “For every tunnel we find, we feel they’re building another one somewhere, and they get more creative in concealing it.” In addition to these factors, America should be ready to expend many of its great resources into the construction of Mr. Trump's wall, and it will be even more costly to America's expenses and resources if the wall is to be reinforced. Human ingenuity finds ways to breach it in proportion to the strength of their incentives, like for more grazing land, conquest, and now economic opportunity and wealth. Personally, I was very surprised to hear Mr. Trump's plans for dealing with illegal immigrants. I acknowledge Mr. Trump's ideas, but I think that the production of the wall is almost unrealistic and more for an ideal standpoint. After exhausting many of our resources and time in the construction of this wall, there is no true guarantee that the wall will even serve its purpose; people will find ways to sneak into America just like in the past and today.

Connection: This information connects to the American Dream and also many policies that the United States made to keep out the immigrants in the past. People are motivated to achieve the American Dream and try to sneak into America even with all of the restrictions imposed on them. This demonstrates that this wall might not be able to keep out all immigrants who are possibly trying to sneak in. Also, this relates to the US Border Patrol in 1924. Like this act, the wall was meant to keep illegal immigrants (especially from Mexico) from coming into America, but the US Border Patrol in 1924 wasn't completely effective. Similar to the Great Wall of China, Mr. Trump's will might not be ultimately successful in keeping other groups of people out of the United States every single time.

Discussion Questions: With all of this in mind, do you think that Mr. Trump's wall will achieve its purpose and become successful? Is it realistic at all? What policies should Mr. Trump pass or what actions should he and America make to ensure the construction of the wall? If the wall is finally built, what challenges do you think America would face?

Obama 'deeply concerned' about Aleppo

Syria Conflict: Obama ‘deeply concerned’
about Aleppo

Barack Obama has expressed “deep concern” about the situation in the rebel-held parts of Aleppo. This is all happening while a Syrian assault takes place by government forces. Airstrikes, bombs, and tanks are rampaging through the city, killing children and adults. Many people are sitting in their basements trying to survive the attacks. Food and medical supply are getting low and hard to find.

This connects with the battle of Saratoga because the battle was extremely hard and the soldiers endured many obstacles.

  • Do you think that the U.S. should get involved with Aleppo?
  • What issues could arise from this if we decide to get involved?

Friday, September 23, 2016

Police Shooting Of Keith Scott

Keith Lamont Scott was shot by the Charlotte police officers a in three-lined parking lot in Lexington court in South Carolina. As Scott was waiting for his kid to get off the school bus he was approached by cops. The police officers believed that Scott was armed with a gun and asked him to get off the car. They thought that they had seen a gun and shot him. The police ignored Scott's wife when she said that he was not armed and has a TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury). 

This connects with the Tulsa shooting because the cops believed that they were being threatened in both cases. In both cases the cops believed that they had no other option. They both said they looked suspicious which lead to the shooting. 

If this was your family being pointed a gun, what would you do?
Do you believe its fair that the cops shot him knowing that his wife told them he didnt have a gun

49ers fans burn jerseys over player’s refusal to stand during the anthem

49ers fans burn jerseys over player’s refusal to stand during the anthem


Football player Colin Kaepernick refused to stand as the national anthem was being played. Angry fans started burning Colin Kaepernick jersey right after the game had ended because what he had done. A 49er fan wrote in a Facebook post that included him torching his jersey while the anthem was being played. Colin Kaepernick talks about he is not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and color people. There are bodies in the street and people getting paid leave and getting away with murder”. Colin Kaepernick coach, Chip Kelly supported his right to protest. There are also other NFL players that are doing the same thing  that Colin has done.

-By Colin Kaepernick not standing for the national anthem, he is trying to make people aware of how white people are not dealing with the same issues that the black people are being dealing with., such as police brutality. I can connect this to the Eugenics movement. Today Colin Kaepernick talks about how the treatment of the whites is better in some ways than it is for blacks. In the 1920s, many Americans joined the Eugenics movement because it was believed that whites were superior to others because they had traits such as intelligence and hard work. Both events show that often whites are viewed as better people.

Discussion Questions:

-Why do you think people are having a strong reaction?
-Do people have hatred for him?

Donald Trump Criticizes Parents of Fallen Muslim Soldier After Powerful DNC Speec

Link:Donald Trump Criticizes Parents of Fallen Muslim Soldier - Us Weekly

Khizr Khan            

            -On July 28, 2016, Khizr Khan and his wife Ghazala, the parents of a Muslim United States Army Soldier, took stand at the Democratic National Conversation talking about how Donald Trump wants to banned Muslim immigration to the United States. Khizr Khan and his wife didn't take it well so Khan gave out a speech about how even though their son was Muslim, he stood on fought for America. He also stated that if it was up to Donald Trump [our son] would have never been in America. Two days after, Trump went live on ABC news and was putting down Ghazala questioning why she only stood there and didn't say anything about it too. To wrap it all up he states that he has sacrificed so much for America. 

           -This connects to what we are learning because during Khizr Khan's speech, he was direct towards Trump questioning if Trump had even read the United States Constitution. He offered Trump his book of the Constitution leaning towards the fact that he did not read what the Constitution was made for.

Discussion questions:
1. Do you think Donald Trump has made sacrifices for America?
2. Why do you think Ghazala was silent during the speech her husband gave?
3. Do you think Muslim immigration should be banned to the United States?
4. How would you have approached Donald trump if he, as a candidate running for president, wanted to banned your race form the United States?

Trump Supports "Stop and Frisk" Policy

Summary: During one of his campaign stops at an African American church in Cleveland and other interviews within the past 24 hours, Donald Trump has been praising the "stop and frisk" policy that many think is unconstitutional. The stop and frisk policy is when police are allowed to stop individuals they deem suspicious on the street and pat them down to check if they are in possession of any firearms or other weapons. Trump believes that this will be a solution in reducing crimes as it did in "crime-ridden" cities like Chicago. The policy dates as far back as the 1960s in New York and it reached its peak in 2011 when police made over 685,724 stop and frisks. About 9% of the stops were whites and 87% were blacks and hispanics. What Trump fails to address is the tension stop and frisk creates between minorities and law enforcement as colored people feel especially targeted when it comes to the policy. Jeffery Robinson, deputy director of the ACLU, had more negative responses to the idea of bringing the policy back, one in which he states that "[Stop and frisk] is blanket harassment of an entire community and so it is a policy that not only has constitutional, moral and ethnic failings, but practically speaking it does nothing. It's not effective in making the community safer."

Connection: This connects back to all the racial stereotypes and discrimination the colored community has faced for centuries. It also connects back to the police brutality towards blacks such as the recent shooting in Tulsa, Oklahoma where police officer Betty Shelby shot Terence Crutcher because she believed he was going to harm her.

Questions: Do you believe that the stop and frisk policy Trump wants to implement will be effective? Do you think the crimes rates would increase or decrease? Will the policy create more tension between minorities and law enforcement? How and why? What is your opinion on the policy itself?

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Police Woman in Tulsa Oklahoma Being Charged with Manslaughter

Summary: Last week, police officer Betty Shelby had been holding 40 year old Terence Cutcher at gun point when she found him in the middle of the street with his car blocking the road. He had been mumbling to himself and not answering any questions. Officer Shelby asked Mr. Cutcher to stop walking and get on his knees repeatedly, and Mr. Cutcher did not follow the orders. As more officers arrived on scene to back up officer Shelby, Cutcher had walked back towards his vehicle with his hands raised. Shelby then reports that Cutcher was reaching for something through his car window, and she shot him once in his left lung area. Cutcher and his car was later searched and no weapon was found on or near Cutcher or in his vehicle. Officer Shelby says she thought he was reaching for a weapon and thought he was going to kill her. Cutcher's family watched the footage that was caught from the helicopter above the scene and said that Cutchers windows were in fact closed. 
This undated photo provided by the Tulsa Oklahoma Police

Connection: This connects back to all the riots and protests that have gone on in the recent past. People have fought back for what they have stated to be police brutality and have came forward to say that that racism is still alive, and innocent human beings are killed for no hard core reason, African Americans especially. 

Questions: How do you feel about the incident that occurred and do you believe Cutcher should've been shot under the circumstances? Do you believe this case will be taken differently because it is a white female police officer and a male African American? Do you think these people have the right to protest? And do you agree with the charges that are currently against officer Shelby? 

'Black Lives Matters' protests turn violent in Charlotte, North Carolina

Two protesters sit down in front of police in Charlotte. A Charlotte residents breaks down amid the clashes.

             Protests gone wrong in the town of Charlotte caused the governor of North Carolina to take precautionary measures against these acts of violence. The protests started out as harmless, originating the night before Keith Lamont Scott, an African-American man, was shot by an African-American police officer. After Keith’s death, the once peaceful protests escalated into deadly riots across the city. The most brutal of them all was one was the riot outside of the Omni Charlotte Hotel. The town police were equipped with riot gear while throwing flash-bang grenades, pepper spray and tear gas into the crowd. The protesters counter-attacked by throwing debris and launching fireworks, injuring four policemen. Meanwhile, others then smashed windows and beat up hotel employees and other civilians. Amidst all the chaos another person was shot, but sources confirmed it wasn’t from a police officer. Later, protesters gathered around the I-227 freeway, shooting more fireworks at passing cars. When the protesting ceased, seven police and one civilian was sent to the emergency medical bay. The following day, the governor of North Carolina issued a state of emergency along with the deployment of the highway patrol and the national security guard to ensure the safety of the roads.
Connection to History:
This has a connection to the Civil Rights movement (1954-1968). ‘Black Lives Matter’ and the Civil Rights Movement rose from the same roots, but their reactions are very different.
Questions to ponder:
Do you think the riots in Charlotte are justified? Does this represent the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement as a whole, or does it represent something else? Do you think violent protests like these get in the way of paving a path of equality for everyone? Why or why not?

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

New Study Finds Immigrants Aren't Taking Americans' Jobs

Link to article:
New studies show that immigrants coming to America are not taking jobs from American citizens. Studies show that there was little to no negative effect on wages and employment from immigrants coming to America. Immigrants coming to America have actually increased the amount of jobs available in some areas. Immigrants in the field of science and technology have spurred innovation in their fields, which has created more jobs in those fields.

When Ellis Island opened as an immigration center, they did not allow immigrants who secured a job in America to come into the country. They viewed this as stealing a job from an American who was already in the country.

Do you think people's views on immigrants coming to America will change? Why or why not?

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Vladimir Putin Tightens Grip on Russia’s Parliament With Election Rout

President Vladimir Putin of Russia, center, at a cabinet meeting on Monday in Moscow. CreditPool photo by Alexei Nikolsky

Summary: President Vladimir V. Putin gains more control of the country as he grows in popularity. He gained almost complete results in the national election and this means that United Russia which is what Putin leads now have absolute majority. This was something most people and experts expected so it was something of a personal win for president Putin. But one thing that was surprising is that there was a record low amount of voters this year, only 48% of the country voted and most of the the people who didn't vote are people from the more populated areas where many people that are against Putin live. The Untied Russia gained 54% of the votes and over 28 million people voted for them but 111.6 million people are eligible to vote in Russia. Every other party in Russia lost many voters, for example the communist party lost more than 50% of their voters.

Connection : This can be connected to how in 2014 the US had the worst turnout of voters since 1942.
Question: Do you think the something like this could happen in the US where less than 50% of the country votes in the national election?

California Moves to Allow Undocumented Immigrants to Buy Insurance


A woman seeking advice about the Affordable Care Act in Los Angeles in 2013.  Jonathan Alcorn/Reuters

Summary: The state of California asked the Obama administration to approve a plan that will allow undocumented immigrants (adults) to buy health insurance. Officials say that two million undocumented adults could be eligible  for the program. Although Obama have made it clear that illegal immigrants will be denied of health insurances under the Affordable Care Act, California's advocates argued that the plan should be approved under something called the "innovation waiver" that will allow the state - with federal government approval, to be exempted from some sections of the act that bans the undocumented from buying health insurance. This have been a struggle to the adults because their children can apply for a health insurance (Medi-Cal) and they can't. Apparently more than 135,000 children have enrolled so far, but health officials say that the actual number of those eligible is even higher. The author of the bill, state senator Ricardo De Lara, said that "we're reaffirming once again our desire to make affordable preventative care available to everyone and our belief that health care is a right and not just a privilege".

Connection to US History: The representative(s) of California are trying to promote the Melting Pot Theory. The Melting Pot Theory is when immigrants and citizens join together and "melt" to create a whole new thing.

Discussion Questions: Pretend that you are  one of the members of the federal government. Would you pass the proposed bill? Why or why not? As a citizen or legal immigrant, do you think it will be acceptable if this bill is passed? Why or why not? Do you agree with what Senator De Lara said about health care?

Monday, September 19, 2016

More than 800 Immgrants Accedentially Granted U.S Citizenship

                            More than 800 Immagranrs accedentially granted U.S Citizenship 


               The U.S government accedentially gave about 856 immgrants American citizenship from 
countries of concern to homeland security and immigration fraud. What the inspector from Homeland Security found was that immigrants had used different names and birthdays. Immigration Services did not catch these action because their fingerprints were not present in government databases.

           Occording to DHS, some of the immgrants had qualified for citizenship, but they did not commit fraud simply because of the lack of their fingerprints. Inspector General John Smith noticed that these particular immigrants were all from "special interest countries" who've had a history of immigration fraud and are a national security concern for the United States.

           In the end, DHS has stated that this has been a long problem for immigration officials to be keeping up with paper based record with fingerprints that cannot be searched electronically. As many as 315,000 immgrant fingerprints are missing from federal databases who are fugitive criminals with an order of deportation. I would have thought the American government would be more organized and careful on who they let into this country. Since they have prohibited or made it very difficult for  immigrants to come to this country since 1815. Do you think the US should be more strict on who they grant American citizenship to? 

This connects to US history when immigrants back in the 1980's had to go through many stations just to get to this country. And the US back then made it hard for them to enter into this country. Although the US now is having many issues, keeping track of who's entering this country.


The wage gap is a real thing but, is not as clearly explained as everyone thinks


Summary: If your an adult or teenager than you should already know about the wage gap. It has been a long term debated over the last decade and it has sprung up a lot of controversy . It is true that there is a wage gap, that men get paid more than women do but, the reason for it is not as clear as people think. Some people think that the reason they're is a wage gap is because women are still being oppressed by society and that equality has not been met. Although, Some people like to believe that they're is more factors playing into why the wage gap is as it is now like how men working longer hours might effect his pay wage.

Connection: This connects back to feminist movement back in the 1930's where women were fighting against they're rights to do anything from voting to working. The feminist movement has started in 1848 and it had about three waves. The first one being between 1848-1920, the second one being 1960-1980 and the other is 1980-(still going). This issue connects more to the second wave feminism which focused on financial issues.

Question: Why do you think we have a wage gap?

Is the reason the wage gap is like this is because of complex oppression?

Is the wage gap as big of a deal as people now a days keep making it out to be?

Friday, September 16, 2016

Ethiopian runner Feyisa Lilesa Scared to Return back to Country

"With his simple gesture, Lilesa joined a long list of athletes who have used the global sports stage to protest what they describe as injustices in their home communities."


Ethiopian marathon runner decided to make a political statement in the Rio Olympics. By crossing his arms, it signified the political prisoners and dissidents in Ethiopia, who have been imprisioned for protesting against the taking and selling of land belonging to the Oromo people to forgein investors. The Oromo are Ethiopia's largest ethic group and make up at least a third of Ethiopia's 100 million people. He is now scared to go home due to consequences he could face for bringing Ethiopia's government issues on a national scale. Lilesa's family is still in Ethiopia. He has two daughters and a wife trapped in Ethiopia and is not in fear that his family may be killed. Some say that he will deemed a hero if he comes back but he claims that he will be killed or put on a list of people never allowed to leave the country again. He is currently in the US on a special skills visa to train for upcoming races.


This event is relevant to the parts of history that we have learned about and heard about in many aspects both part and current. We learned last year about the conditions and political restrictions the people in South Africa. Another example is how Nelson Mandela and the ANC affected the government through both peaceful and physical protests. Yet currently we see many athletes in the US such as Colin Kaepernick, Meagan Rapinoe, and Arian Foster kneeling while the National Anthem in playing before the games. No matter what the issue is we today have technology which has allowed us to take our issues to a whole new audience.


How would you react if you were part of the government in which is being protested against?
What would you say if you were given the chance to speak for the injustices happening in the US?


ISIS Head of Propaganda Killed in an Airstrike in Raqqah

Image result for Dr. wa'il isis

Summary: The pentagon has recently confirmed that the ISIS head of propaganda, Dr. Wa'il, was killed in a coalition airstrike near the ISIS capital Raqqah, Syria.  Wa'il was the ISIS leader who oversaw all of the torture and execution videos.  He was also the minister of information for ISIS.  He was a prominent member in the ISIS organization.  This information came out weeks after ISIS said that their propaganda leader was killed in Aleppo.

Connection.  This story connects back to the Afghanistan war.  This connects because when the U.S. first went into Afghanistan, they had trouble organizing the government.  It was described as a trap to any country who tried to control it.  We still see the effects of this trap in stories such as these.

Do you think that peace in the middle east is acheivable.

Occidental College students vandalize 9/11 memorial

( Picture of American Flags in The Trash)

Summary: This article is about Occidental College looking into the vandalism of a 9/11 memorial on campus after the U.S flags were thrown in the trash. The Republican club from Occidental college planted 2,997 tiny american flags, one for each of the victims from September 11, 2001. Campus police are investing and expect to report any students suspected of committing this crime. News of this event has spread nationally. The students that were initially accused say that the truth of the event has become lost in translation between the media and the stories of the people in the Republican Club. The students that remained anonymous excused there behavior by saying, that they removed the flags in order to, "demonstrate a more holistic approach." The students left fliers on the quad that read, "R.I.P. the 2,996 Americans who died in 9/11. R.I.P. the 1,455,590 innocent Iraqis who died during the U.S. invasion for something they didn't do." 

Connection: This event directly connects to the 9/11 terrorist attack, when Osama bin laden planned an attack on the US. Terrorist high jacked four planes, successfully crashing them into the pentagon, a field and two into the twin towers. This tragic event, is honored nation wide through many different memorials, in order to recognize the many people's lives that were lost on this sad day.

Questions: How would you feel if one of your family members pasted away and someone trashed a memorial in honor of them? 
What consequence should the school put in place in order to punish the students responsible? 
Do you believe that the students that trashed the school were wrong?

Derrick Rose of the New York Knicks Accused of Rape

Summary: A former girlfriend (whose identity has n ot been made public) of the Knicks' Derrick Rose has accused him of breaking into her home with two friends and drugging and raping her while she was unconscious. She has not filed criminal charges but has instead filed a lawsuit for $21.5 million. The trial will start this October, over three years since the assault. Rose's lawyers are calling the victim's lawsuit an attempt to extort money from the wealthy athlete. Rose claims the sexual encounter between the four of them was consensual. If Rose is found guilty, his career will be damaged permanently.

Connection: This event is connected to the abundance of pro athlete and celebrity rape cases that have been made public the past few years. Rape is a manifestation of the desire for power and asserting that power over someone and violating them. Celebrities and pro athletes are in a position of power and it's easy for them to abuse it.

Questions: How can we educate people on this issue? How can we prevent rape in today's society? Since many powerful people feel the law doesn't apply to them, how can we make sure it does?

NY Times Article

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Canadian Judge Facing Removal for Acquitting Rapist in Show of "Stereotypical Thinking"

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Summary: Robin Camp, a Federal Court Judge from Canada, is involved in a judicial council hearing which decides whether he should be dismissed from his position. This is due to a trial he ruled over two years ago when, as a provincial court judge, he pronounced a man accused of raping a 19 year old woman over a bathroom sink as innocent. It was the nature of his comments during the trial that drew the ire of many, however, as he was described to have made statements like "Why couldn't you just keep your knees together?" and "Young women want to have sex, particularly if they're drunk". He also warned the man acquitted to tell his friends to be more careful. The verdict was overturned, and a council hearing was arranged, despite the judge defending his own reasoning due to "a non-existent knowledge of Canadian criminal law".
Connection: This article is connected to the fight for women's rights in the US, as throughout the 1900's, women had to fight for the right to be able to do things like vote, and were constantly overpowered by men. This judge's mindset gives us a glimpse of the mindset of many US males on a woman's role in society back in the times before women had equal rights like today.
Questions: What should be the judge's punishment? Are most judge's these days like this? What should be done to prevent this from happening again?
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49ers' Colin Kaepernick: 'I'll continue to sit' for national anthem

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Summary: This article discusses on Colin Kaepernick, quarterback for the 49ers, and his recent controversial decision to sit during the National Anthem. After the game reporters and others invaded him in the locker room to ask his reasoning on why he sat. He states that he sitting but standing for those being oppressed and being unjustified. He also states that people are dying in vain and that the country isn't giving its half of the bargain by bringing justice, liberty, and freedom. This is connecting to recent police killings and acts by police officers. This controversy has led fans to support him or go against him and some fans have even burned his jersey. 

Connection: This connects to the 1968 Olympics where athletes Tommie Smith and John Carlos rose there black gloved fists in the air while the national anthem was playing and didn't place them down till it was finished. They did this after winning gold and bronze medals during the 200 meter running event. They said it was to showcase not a "black power salute" but a "human rights salute". This is considered one of the most overtly political statements in a Olympic games in modern history. 

Questions: Do you think what Colin Kaepernick is doing is disrespecting troops fighting in war? Do you think statements like these are appropriate or should be stopped? Do you agree with what they're doing? Why or why not?

9/11 15 Years Later



Image result for 15 year memory of 9/11After 15 years of memory, America just commemorated the lives lost in one of the biggest and most-well known terrorist attacks on the shores of the United States. Many remember this tragic day and have come to the World Trade center memorial to commemorate over 2,700 lives lost in this horrific and life altering tragedy. Many of the victims and relatives are still marked by their attack and many support groups , remembrance  events, and self-made rituals are followed by their relatives, friends, neighbors, and colleagues.


This article connects to the famous terrorist attack claimed by Osama Bin Laden. On September 11 of 2001, four American Airline planes were high jacked by five terrorists . Two of the high jacked planes flew into the World Trade Center killing thousands of people, one planes flew into the Pentagon , and the last one in Cleveland, Ohio.


How have airport security benefited the United States safety since the horrific attack? Do you believe security has prevented more attacks from occurring on our shores?Why or why not?