Thursday, September 1, 2016

Brazil's Senate Ousts Dilma Rousseff in Impeachment Vote

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Summary/Reaction to the Article: President Dilma Rousseff was battling impeachment proceedings launched last year by Brazil’s lower house of congress. Senate voted 61-20 Wednesday, to remove Ms. Rousseff from office, she was guilty of breaking budgetary laws. Ms. Rousseff is not under investigation in the Petrobras case, but her popularity is at near-record lows. The President is accused of manipulating the numbers of her government’s budget to disguise its poor physical performance, a charge she strongly denies. The impeachment has significantly affected her ability to govern.
US History Connection: This article relates to our 37th President Richard Nixon. In 1973 there was a gasoline rationing, and a continuing series of revelations about the Watergate scandal. The scandal escalated, costing Nixon much of his political support. On August 9, 1974, he resigned, instead of facing the embarrassment of being impeached and getting removed from office.
Questions for Discussion: If you were a citizen of Brazil, would you vote to remove your President from office or would you give them a second chance, even if they're stealing your money?


  1. If I was a citizen for Brazil, I wouldn't vote for her because she lost her trust to every person that lives in Brazil. You can't vote for someone you can't trust. It's like dating someone that cheated on you. LOL

  2. The country of Brazil is already dealing with social and security issues as of now and the last thing the people need is the president to spend huge amounts of money without telling anyone so, I'm glad she is out of office. If I were a citizen, I wouldn't vote for her either cause if my country was struggling I would expect improvement not declinace.

  3. If I was a citizen from Brazil, I would vote to remove my President from office because they weren't being honest. Imagine what would've happened if she wasn't caught. She'd be stealing your money, and that is not the type of person I'd like to be in control of the country I'm living in.

  4. I agree with Justin, if I was a citizen from Brazil i wouldn't be able to trust her. Also I would not vote for her because she lied and made her own country look bad, which is disrespectful. Why would you allow someone to work for your country after she betrayed the country?

    1. I agree with what your stating Marlene. If I were a citizen of Brazil I would not vote for her because she is lying to her own country and she is stealing money that the country could use to improve their economical situation.