Thursday, September 8, 2016

Britain and France to construct ‘Great Wall of Calais’ to keep migrants from port


Summary: This Tuesday, September 6th, British authorities confirmed that beginning this month in Calais, France, a wall is being built to keep immigrants and refugees out. Prior to the announcement local French residents and truck drivers protested against the migrants in the large camp outside of the city. The camp is made up of roughly 7,000 to 9,000 migrants and refugees mainly from Afghanistan and Sudan and the French government has made multiple promises to close it. The wall is planned to be 13 feet high and made out of smooth concrete, and is part of a multi million dollar Franco-British security package. However segments of the British government fear that the wall is associated with presidential nominee Donald Trump and will send an exclusionary message. The overall hope of the wall is to keep migrants away from the city port since many try to stow away on UK bound trucks and ferries.

Connection: This article connects very closely to the current promises Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump has made about his plan to build a wall between the United States and Mexico. Both concepts are very similar, such as the goal to keep immigrants and refugees out because they're "bad" and many residents of countries don't want them in their country.

Question(s) for discussion: Do you think this new wall in France will be successful? Why/Why not? As this story continues to progress, what do you think the reactions will be from French residents? England? US? What are some other possible solutions to the current migrant crisis? 


  1. This is a hard question to answer. In my opinion the wall can be successful but not as much one would think. Think about it, you cant really stop immigrants from coming over they will find anew way. The wall wont really do much. I think this would make them angry well because its something in the way of them immigrating.I think another solution would be taking it in peace and not make the others angry or frustrated by building a wall in my opinion it will just cause more chaos.

    1. I completely agree with what you're saying. When reading the article I couldn't stop thinking about how frustrating this would be for immigrants looking for safety and a new home. Like you said, it will just cause even more chaos. However, with all the Brexit and EU stuff going on, it's unfortunate that the UK really wants to remove itself from the migrant problem and avoid it completely with just building a wall.

  2. I feel that there is no definite say on whether or not it would be successful, but on how it seems to be at it's current state it seems that this wall can have an either or effect. I feel that if it would be on the side of trumps wall plan. The countries surrounding France won't be taking this to nicely. Going from accepting refugees and migrants to building a 13 foot high wall wouldn't really stop the refugees from coming over. This isn't stopping them for their good, this is neglect. I feel that more solutions would be instead of just casting them out, they are to have a limited number of refugees to be in and to help them find more ways to cope with what they are going through by probably sending them to other countries instead of locking them out.