Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Canadian Judge Facing Removal for Acquitting Rapist in Show of "Stereotypical Thinking"

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Summary: Robin Camp, a Federal Court Judge from Canada, is involved in a judicial council hearing which decides whether he should be dismissed from his position. This is due to a trial he ruled over two years ago when, as a provincial court judge, he pronounced a man accused of raping a 19 year old woman over a bathroom sink as innocent. It was the nature of his comments during the trial that drew the ire of many, however, as he was described to have made statements like "Why couldn't you just keep your knees together?" and "Young women want to have sex, particularly if they're drunk". He also warned the man acquitted to tell his friends to be more careful. The verdict was overturned, and a council hearing was arranged, despite the judge defending his own reasoning due to "a non-existent knowledge of Canadian criminal law".
Connection: This article is connected to the fight for women's rights in the US, as throughout the 1900's, women had to fight for the right to be able to do things like vote, and were constantly overpowered by men. This judge's mindset gives us a glimpse of the mindset of many US males on a woman's role in society back in the times before women had equal rights like today.
Questions: What should be the judge's punishment? Are most judge's these days like this? What should be done to prevent this from happening again?
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  2. This outrageous judge will probably end up being fired/suspended/rallied against. Most judges aren't like this though, probably moreso in the opposite:

    1. I think the issues occurring in both your article and the article I discussed are equally bad, as they both show examples of sexism dictating law to go against what is right. This should never be an issue in court.

  3. The Judge should lose his job. Rather than basing his decision on facts and laws, he decided to be extremely biased and base his decision on blanket statements, all of which were false. I do not even understand how he became a judge in the first place, with his incompetence so apparent. This happened in Canada, and I do not know how they elect judges, but they should be elected by the public, in order to prevent bias like this.