Friday, September 2, 2016

Fatal Beating of Polish Man Fuels Debate Over Xenophobia in Britain


Summary: Recently, 2 innocent Polish immigrants were beaten by 6 English boys in London. The boys targeted these men after hearing them speak Polish while eating dinner. When they attacked, they shouted racial slurs. These 6 boys are just a few of the many people in England who have hostile feelings toward immigrants. Following Britain's exit from the European Union, xenophobia was revealed throughout the country. Some of these xenophobic people think immigrants are people "coming from the sewer." Though many people have since tried to make immigrants feel safe, it is attacks such as these that reveal the violence towards the immigrants. 

Connection: This situation is similar to the group of Chinese immigrants that was beaten in the river by the group of white boys. This also connects because the views that the native people have on the immigrants are similar. The natives then thought of the immigrants as "garbage," and now they are thought of as "coming from the sewer."

Questions: Why do you think Brexit has opened up the opportunity for people to be more xenophobic? How will this change in the future?


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  2. Brexit has narrowed down the pathways for foreigners. Although there were foreigners living there for a long time, the decision made them feel like they were not welcome anymore. Just take a look at what happened right after the decision was announced. When the moment they decided to leave the EU happened, commotions broke out among racist English people and other Europeans and Muslims trying to push them away from the UK. They are thinking that their country should be to themselves ONLY, since they are a sole country. We will never know what's gonna happen in the future; maybe there wouldn't be such things like this because there have been more accepting people, maybe some foreigners would leave the UK because of how worse this is. In my opinion they should've never left. Maybe, just maybe, there wouldn't be such fights happening...

  3. I believe that this will change in the future with acceptance. The UK is going crazy. Perhaps a European trump might show up and say "build a wall"

  4. I think that the Brexit has opened up the opportunity for xenophobia to increase because foreigners currently living in the UK may feel unwelcome. Moreover, those who wish to live in the UK, who are not natives of UK, would not longer think of moving there. This changes the future because it decreases the chances of cultures living together and accepting and learning from one another. Racism has been an issue for a long time, and xenophobia increases the effect it has on those who experience racism.