Thursday, September 8, 2016

Men Who Allegedly Hacked Top Government Officials Arrested

Two North Carolina young adults have been arrested for hacking into many government official’s private emails. The list of people affected include CIA Director John Brennan, Director of National Intelligence James R. Clapper Jr., former FBI Deputy Director Amy Hess, and many more. Along with the 22 and 24 year old North Carolinians, a group of teenage boys in the United Kingdom are also being investigated for involvement. The group gained access to these people’s personal information by pretending to be a tech support worker, and used acquired information to lock these officials out of their email and social media accounts and mess with them.

This article connects to democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, who was accused of making underhanded deals with Russia using her personal email, and put our country’s national security at risk for personal gain. The hackers in this article tapped into so many official’s personal accounts in an attempt to expose corruption, if there was any. I believe these hackers were trying to expose what they could before the officials could do anything about it. Either that or they were just hoping to create a scene.

Do you think in our new age of technology that it’s easier for someone to put our national security at risk? Should we have stricter laws concerning technology? Would you say the hackers were justified if they were trying to expose corrupt officials?


  1. I think that this new age of technology has been both a huge convenience and a burden, with so many things getting easier to do on the web, privacy and data have been so much harder to protect. I think that we should not have stricter laws, but stricter and more technologically advanced security standards to protect the sensitive info of American citizens. I believe that the hackers had good intentions to try to root out corruption, however this vigilante-like act is not helpful in the long run and they should have thought of another way to deal with a problem they saw instead of taking it into their own hands.

  2. I think that the new age of technology that we are in is dangerous. Today it is really is for a hacker to just get into your personal information and take what is yours. I think we should have laws on technology and make better security on the internet. I think that if the hackers were able to give good reasoning on why they believe there is corruption then it could be justified .

  3. I think that at any level, hacking into the government should be illegal. There is no reason for some people to try to hack into the governments files. Unless there was huge suspicion that the population was making about corruption in the government, I wouldn't condone hacking. Hacking is the same thing as breaking into someones house, you're violating their privacy. We shouldn't condone this behavior since it is illegal.

  4. In today's world, hacking people is very simple and unfortunately quite common. This leads to people who have the ability to hack government databases. Hacking into these databases should not be condoned no matter what the hackers suspicion is, because it is a serious violation of privacy. It is a federal offense and should be punished reasonably.

  5. In the computer era, it has obviously become more easier to hack. This leads to problems in national security. I believe that due to the ease of hacking, there should be more restrictions and more laws if you are caught hacking. However, if the hackers were trying to bring corruption into the daylight, it should be commended not a federal offense. I believe there should be an individual division that deals with cyber crime.

  6. With our technology today, it is horrifying knowing that being hacked can easily be done even if it means hacking the government. I think that we should have more strict laws concerning technology because invading someone's privacy is very common now days. People use hacking to find out where certain people live and they can easily have access to your credit card information and social security numbers. It is a crime and people who has done this before should take hardship of responsibility to what they have done.

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  8. I believe that the hackers can be justified, but only in the sense of exposing corrupt leaders. With each day, our nation becomes less and less secure because of how easy it is to hack government data. I think we need to find better ways to encrypt our data so that hackers do not get to it as easily. You can never stop hackers, it is impossible because there will always be a way to get pass the protection.

    1. I agree with you, I think sometimes hackers can be justified if they're trying to do the right thing by exposing corruption. However, I do believe that it is still against the law and as such there are repercussions to be faced. I also agree with the idea that we need to find better ways to protect our personal information.

  9. i believe than hackers can be restriced but still have the right to exist for the use of the greater good.we become less secure because of our desire for conveniece over protection of our information.I believe we need to consolodate our info to one place rather than have it easier to acess from multiple places.