Thursday, September 29, 2016

New Jersey Train Station Accident : One dead, A hundred injured

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SUMMARY :  During an early commute this Thursday morning, a train had crashed straight into a busy station located at Hoboken, New Jersey.  Officials now are trying to put the pieces together to say what may have caused the train to crash.  Over 100 were left injured from the accident and one had lost their live.  It was said that the one who passed was standing on a near platform and got hit by the debris that flew off from the train after it had slammed into the station.  With not much evidence about what may have caused the train to crash, Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey mentioned it was nothing "other than a tragic accident".  Victims were being pulled from under fallen concrete and some were being rescued from within the trains windows.   New Jersey's medical center had reported getting 66 patients whom later released 43 later that afternoon.  None of too critical condition.  Photos were being shown that expressed the damage had caused to the cities terminal.  The train was a popular one that gave access to 50,000 people a day.  It was said that the train was going so fast it hadn't even slowed down.  The experience was tragic and so horrifying you were able to hear the noise of the crash.

CONNECTION :  This train crash connects to the train first being invented around the 1500's.  The invention was a magnificent one that allowed the people to travel from different locations.  It was relied on by the American population to get to places and also caused an economical and political change to the country.  Engines were beginning to go into high production and fuel industries were going up in popularity.  More railroads were being built and now new routes were being formed in order to go to different places.  However sometimes good turns out bad like the tragic accident that had happened in Jersey.  The train has affected many and had changed the way America worked.

   Do you think anything could have been done in order to stop the crash or to make trains safer?
   How is the city going to be affected by this accident? Will new laws be made in order to change the trains system?


  1. I think the city will lose some money because they lost a train, which earns a lot of money. Also some people might not want to take the train anymore because they feel unsafe. I think that something could have been wrong with the engine and thats why it could have crashed. I think for the future they should check everything is in place and functioning well before moving with passengers on the train.

  2. This was just an accident and accidents happen. We cannot really prevent things such as this, we just need to move on from our fears and live life as we can.