Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Obama 'deeply concerned' about Aleppo

Syria Conflict: Obama ‘deeply concerned’
about Aleppo

Barack Obama has expressed “deep concern” about the situation in the rebel-held parts of Aleppo. This is all happening while a Syrian assault takes place by government forces. Airstrikes, bombs, and tanks are rampaging through the city, killing children and adults. Many people are sitting in their basements trying to survive the attacks. Food and medical supply are getting low and hard to find.

This connects with the battle of Saratoga because the battle was extremely hard and the soldiers endured many obstacles.

  • Do you think that the U.S. should get involved with Aleppo?
  • What issues could arise from this if we decide to get involved?



  1. I do not think we should enter Aleppo. We are in massive debt, and cannot risk entering another costly war that we might not win alone. If we do enter, it should be with many allies, and we should not drag the war on. If we did end up going there, we would need to with other countries. It might be easy to take over, as it is so close to the border. Losing the battle might mean the rebels take even more control of the reigon.

  2. I agree^ We do not have enough money to enter Aleppo. It is highly risky to taken the chance that the situation will turn into war.

    1. Yes, we should not be going into Aleppo because we do not have enough money. I agree with you.