Monday, September 19, 2016

The wage gap is a real thing but, is not as clearly explained as everyone thinks


Summary: If your an adult or teenager than you should already know about the wage gap. It has been a long term debated over the last decade and it has sprung up a lot of controversy . It is true that there is a wage gap, that men get paid more than women do but, the reason for it is not as clear as people think. Some people think that the reason they're is a wage gap is because women are still being oppressed by society and that equality has not been met. Although, Some people like to believe that they're is more factors playing into why the wage gap is as it is now like how men working longer hours might effect his pay wage.

Connection: This connects back to feminist movement back in the 1930's where women were fighting against they're rights to do anything from voting to working. The feminist movement has started in 1848 and it had about three waves. The first one being between 1848-1920, the second one being 1960-1980 and the other is 1980-(still going). This issue connects more to the second wave feminism which focused on financial issues.

Question: Why do you think we have a wage gap?

Is the reason the wage gap is like this is because of complex oppression?

Is the wage gap as big of a deal as people now a days keep making it out to be?


  1. I assume we have a wage gap because some jobs require strength and capabilities that others may not need. I think that the wage gap is the way it is because of the oppression we have been living with. I believe that the wage gap is as big of a deal as people today make it out to be because of the whole idea of a gender being superior from another. As long as the idea of supremacy exists, the big deal with the wage gap will remain significant.

  2. I certainly do not think the wage gap exists because of oppression on women. It's probably because of stereotypes and assumptions put on women because they have other things to do, I guess. I feel like the wage gap isn't that much of a big deal because Obama has been actively working on trying to bring the payloads closer, though a 6-cent gap will effect people in the long run.

  3. I agree with Mavis that the reason of why we have a wage gap is because some jobs might need something someone can offer but other jobs might not. I do also agree that the wage gap is a big problem today, since it links up and connect to how people is not getting what they think they deserve or is not getting equal amount as what others is getting.

  4. I'm sure there are jobs that require different levels of physical labor and that factors into the wage gap, but often men and women are doing the same job and there is still a gap. I think we have a wage gap because a long time ago women were considered lesser than men, and we're just now getting around to changing that mentality and making our wages more fair.