Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Vladimir Putin Tightens Grip on Russia’s Parliament With Election Rout

President Vladimir Putin of Russia, center, at a cabinet meeting on Monday in Moscow. CreditPool photo by Alexei Nikolsky

Summary: President Vladimir V. Putin gains more control of the country as he grows in popularity. He gained almost complete results in the national election and this means that United Russia which is what Putin leads now have absolute majority. This was something most people and experts expected so it was something of a personal win for president Putin. But one thing that was surprising is that there was a record low amount of voters this year, only 48% of the country voted and most of the the people who didn't vote are people from the more populated areas where many people that are against Putin live. The Untied Russia gained 54% of the votes and over 28 million people voted for them but 111.6 million people are eligible to vote in Russia. Every other party in Russia lost many voters, for example the communist party lost more than 50% of their voters.

Connection : This can be connected to how in 2014 the US had the worst turnout of voters since 1942.
Question: Do you think the something like this could happen in the US where less than 50% of the country votes in the national election?


  1. yes this can happen if the people dislike the canindates that are running for president

  2. Since in 2012 there was only a 57.5 % turnout, I believe it is possible that the turnout could drop below 50%, but not in the upcoming election. Since the candidates bring so much attention to themselves and the scandals they each possess, most people will have an opinion that they will want to share. So I predict the upcoming pool turnout will rise in % turnout.

    1. My personal view is the same, I think as you said the percentage of voters could go under 50% in the US. But in the upcoming election I believe that because there is so much attention between the candidates that there will be a high percentage of voters.

  3. Yes, I believe it is possible. Sometimes people feel as if their one vote does not matter, and if many people think like this, the turnout could result in less than 50% of the people voting. This year, however, will probably result in more than 50% of the people voting because so many people have strong beliefs about the candidates.

  4. yes i do believe that something like that could happen to the US. i some what believe that that could happen this year. this year is a hate vote, if you hate trump you vote for Hillary. if you hate Hillary you vote for trump. but i know that a lot of people don't like either of them and so they have said that they are not going to vote which scares me because then a lot of Americans don't have say with whats going on in their country.