Thursday, October 27, 2016

A Nation Divided
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Trump's side:
Biden's side:

While speaking about the Donald's accosting nature to women, Vice President Joe Biden said, "I wish we were in High School and i could take him behind the gym." At a rally in Texas the Donald responded by saying, "did you see where Biden wants to take me to the back of the barn, me, he wants it, i'd love that, i'd love that, mr. tough guy, you know when he's mr tough guy is when he's behind a microphone, he wants to take me to the back of the barn, ooooh." To get a better understanding of tone watch the video's linked. What is interesting here is not the political banter, not the fact that the sitting Vice President threatened to fight someone, but that the news depicts this incident in two ways. Some news sources paint the Donald as the aggressor, headlining "Trump throws counter punch after Joe Biden Comments," while some sources show Biden as the aggressor, headlining "Biden wishes he could take Trump 'behind the gym' over lewd comments." Liberals will read the headline condemning Trump, republicans will read the headline condemning Biden. We are a nation divided, unable to consider the counter view as rational because we are blind to any opinion other than our own. This is an example of that exact case, but many more examples are out there; people are unwilling to listen to another's point of view because it contradicts their own. 

Connection: This connects to the Presidential debates we have been watching and the upcoming election. 

Questions: Can you think of another example of this stubborn mindset?
Do you feel as if you are this way? 


  1. I do see myself as stubborn sometimes, especially when someone does something I do not like or agree with, or when someone tries to prove me wrong of my thought or opinion. I think this is similar to Trump and Biden's conflict because, as you stated before, there are two perspectives the news presents the two to have.

  2. This harsh parallel of media angles has been apparent since the very beginning of the 2016 presidential campaigns. Over the course of this year alone, I've spoken with several different people about the candidates and what our standings are on the pros and cons of each. I can be very firm set in my beliefs, but bringing things like these articles to light is important. I do not support Donald Trump, but it's important to see both sides for their full truth, not just what our side of the media puts in front of us.

  3. I love both of your ideas, and i love how honest you both are. I too am stubborn, but as to reiterate your reiteration of my ideation, there are two perspectives to every story, and pros and cons to each. It is just so difficult to understand sometimes.