Thursday, October 20, 2016

Addressing Women's Rights Recap from 3rd and Final Debate

Summary: The candidates have polar opposite views on women's rights especially towards abortion. Trump is a strong believer of pro life, which will limit women's rights to determinate a baby to will. Hilary being a women herself is sympathetic to women when it comes to their own bodies. Overall Hillary wants to uplift an equalize women ,asking sure they have equal rights and equal pay. Trump on the other hand doesn't address the needs for the women and he doesn't address the needs for women which makes them feel less than. Hillary did a good job in the 3rd debate on equalizing women and re-positioning trump with his sexist behavior.

Connection: If Trump becomes president the rights of women might regress back to the early 1900s when women couldn't vote and didn't have equal rights. It would be a detriment to society if we regressed back to where we were before the 19th Amendment was passed.

Are you concerned that if Trump became president do you think women might be oppressed?

Do you think that Clinton will be able to bring equal pay for women if she becomes president?

Do you think that Trump is sexist and made those comments to make himself feel bigger?

The Candidates Could Not Have Disagreed More on Abortion


  1. With Trump , I think women may possibly be oppressed, even worse with foreigners (knowing his views on them) Problems regarding gender inequality would be even worse (maybe will be back to what it was in the last 2 centuries).
    With Clinton, as she is a woman herself, she will definitely do her best to bring equal pay for women, and she strongly supports gender equality so...
    There is no way Trump is not sexist. I mean, most of the people he has discriminated are women regardless of race (And how dare he say at the last debate, "Nobody has more respect for women than I do". To be honest I felt sick when I heard that last night.)

  2. Even though Trump is male doesn't mean he is allowed to assume and expect things of females. He obviously doesn't know what females go through along with females not knowing what males go through. But even so, if he was to be elected for President, he should be able to see both sides and let women have their own choices. Sex shouldn't determine the rights they have. Hilary does put down males with strong, imprudent comments, so Trump should be able to do the same about females. If Trump is trying to force women to make certain decisions about their OWN bodies, he is obviously insane.

  3. I agree, because I believe that not matter what, women should have the right to do anything they want and men should be able to. They shouldn't get judge for everything they do.

  4. I think Trump just dislikes the thought of women committing abortion. It is their right though but I don't think he was being sexist.

  5. I agree with Anna because women should have the same right as men to do anything they want to do and Trump should rethink everything he has said

  6. I believe Hillary would try her hardest to bering complete equality for women, and hopefully her best would is enough for the rights of women. I believe Trump is sexist and should not be the next president of the US.

  7. Hillary can't bring equal pay because it was already made law in the Equal Pay Act of 1963. The only 'pay gap' is in average payment for men and women in general, not per hour and in the same industry.

  8. I believe Clinton will emphasize on women for respect and equality. I think Trump did commit the assaults he's denying, because a woman shouldn't have to be questioned if she was inappropriately assaulted. Yes, I believe his statements are for him to look better. After all, he never answers the questions; rather, he finds a way to bash Hillary, again and again.

  9. I believe Hilary will try her best to bring equality for women. I don't think Trump was being sexist when he made the comment, he just doesn't understand the women's side.