Friday, October 21, 2016

Debate guests: Trump takes Obama's half-brother, Clinton picks Cuban

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Summary: Donald Trump brings Obama's half brother to the final debate to help him win the debate. Furthermore Malik Obama, who was born in Kenya and as an american citizen, voiced his support for Trump in July, saying he hoped to meet the republican nominee. On the other hand Hillary Clinton invites to her side of the debate two well-known billionaires in attempt to rattle Donald Trumps by questioning his own net worth. Malik Obama shares the same father with the president but has a different mother, also Malik blames Clinton for Gadhafi death due to being toppled and killed for making the situation worse in Libya. Both nominee's are basically talking badly about each other and bringing people that they think can help them with there topic to be president of united states. 

Connection: This debate connects to Lincoln vs. Douglas in 1860. There talking  bad about each other  in trying to gain control of how the voters feel about them and they are use mudslinging towards each other. This connects to my topic because Donald Trump is using mudslinging to make Hillary Clinton look bad and Hillary is also using mudslinging to make Donald Trump look bad .

Questions: Who do you think will win the debate?

Who do you support ?

Why did they bring other people to help ?

Why do they use mudslinging


  1. At this point Hillary doesn't need to do anything to win. The Donald has already done enough to self masticate himself, there is no way for that racist misogynist to win.

  2. Hillary is leading in polls and will likely win.

  3. I do not think Donald Trump has a chance. Although he has a very unique talent with word play, it is not enough to fight Hillary. I support Hillary 100% and I believe she is the face of our future. If you bring someone who has been through hardship to support your campaign, it will have a lot more effect on people then a politician who has been relatively wealthy a majority of his/her life time.

  4. Donald Trump will not win the presidential election because there are too many variables that will cause his downfall like mistreating woman and being racist. However i knew no one would win the debate because there´s no positive reinforcement in anything they just show how rude each person can be. I don´t support either candidate if i could i would not vote. They bring more people to motivate others to vote knowing they have their support, they mud sling to show how bad the other person is when in reality they´re exposing themselves on how cruel they can be.

  5. I think Hilary is most likely to win since she seems to have more of a plan for the US and the fact that she has experience in politics. Donald trump only seems to be saying things, the people of America want to here so he can win.