Saturday, October 15, 2016

Google searches for 'write-in' are off the charts

"Americans have expressed deep misgivings about both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton throughout the course of the presidential race. This week, their distaste is showing up in their search behavior."
According to this article, Google searches of "write-in" and "write in" have exploded over 2,800% over the last week. This trend has been unmatched since 2004. Write in means that rather than selecting somebody on the ballot, you simply write in your own candidate, pretty much anybody. Related searches that also exploded included "is Bernie Sanders a write in candidate", "write in Mike Pence", and in Utah where there is a virtual tie between 3 candidates "Mitt Romney write in". These searches reflect on the negative attitude that people have towards Donald and Hillary, especially since the Donald Trump tapes and John Podesta's (head of Clinton's campaign) emails came out.

Connection to History: 
Today's elections relate to elections held after the constitution was founded. There was a peaceful transfer of power or no transfer, and not a revolution, and the same concept will happen this year.

1.) Why are Americans dissatisfied with the two candidates?
2.) Are Americans justified in being dissatisfied?
3.) Should people write-in candidates as a protest?


  1. I think that Americans are dissatisfied by the two candidates because both Hillary and Trump have flaws that are very major. It is justified because American Citizens have the right to have a say in who should be President and the right to vote if one of the basic rights that America is based upon. I don't think they can do anything anymore as elections will be quite soon...

  2. I agree with Vincent because he is smart

  3. I think Americans are dissatisfied with the two candidates because both Trump and Hillary seem not trustworthy. Americans are entitled to their own opinion, so their dissatisfaction can either be justified and unjustified. Knowing that the elections are quite near, I don't think that people should write-in candidate as protests.