Thursday, October 20, 2016

Islamist Girl School that taught pupils to kill gay people forced to close

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Summary :
In 2006 Aliyah Saleem was expelled from the Jamia Al Hudaa girls' school in Nottingham. After being expelled, Saleem spoke out about the school, stating that the school, rather than teaching them about standard subjects such as geography, art, sports and history, taught them that gay men should be subjected to the death sentence and that it was okay for husbands to beat women. Because of this, their test scores were lower than average and they failed many tests. The pupils were also bullied and subject to mistreatment by a poorly trained staff. Saleem has argued that closing down the school was not enough. She feels that all independent schools should be subjected to a more vigorous monitoring system.

Connection :
This can be connected the era before the Civil War. People were taught that some people were inferior to others, even if it was not true. The whites during the time were taught that the Negro was inferior to them, similar to the way that the girls are taught that gay people should be killed. The girls are also being taught that women were inferior.

Questions :

  • How would you feel if someone tried to force you to believe something that you did not agree with?
  • How can we prevent schools like this from subjecting children to their often incorrect views?
  • Does the government have a responsibility to ensure what kids are taught? Why?



  1. We can prevent schools from subjecting children to their incorrect views by having a stronger monitoring system. Keeping an eye on lessons that teachers are about to teach.

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  3. I believe that everyone is entitled to their own thought and beliefs; however in this circumstance, they cannot disagree with their teachers or staff members. If someone tried to force me to believe something that I didn't agree with, and I could do anything about, it would make me extremely mad. I agree with Michael in the sense that in order to prevent schools from subjecting children to their incorrect views there needs to be a much stronger monitoring system. As for the government, yes, they have a incredibly responsible for what children in schools are being taught.

  4. i think that the government does have the power to help the kids out with their learning they just decide not to help. But they closed the school because of the teachers teaching nothing but things that don't matter.

  5. i agree with noe and i also believe that we are allowed to have our thoughts and beliefs.

  6. I strongly believe everyone has the right to have their own beliefs but people are always influenced by others around them. If a school teaches young kids, who are extremely impressionable, morals that are unjust then the kids will ultimately believe what they're being told. Therefore I think schools should have a stronger monitoring system.

    1. I agree that we should not allow people to teach the future of the US bad morals. But where do we draw the line between free speech and making sure that kids aren't being taught the wrong things? It will most likely be some compromise, as people will have different views. Also, how can we make sure to not make the people who have wrong morals but believe they are right from entering the school system?

  7. Children are the next leader of this nation and thus need to be thought fair lessons. As far as forcing people to believe something, we are forced to believe things every way to fit into our society.

  8. Children should not be given information that can screw them to believe bad things. We cannot make them believe something they do not.