Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Mosul battle: Islamic State group's leaders fleeing city, US says


 Iraqi forces fire shells on a village near Mosul

Mosul is a city in northern Iraq, which in recent years been occupied by Islamic State (IS). According to the US military, the main leaders of the IS have fled from Mosul as a result of Iraqi forces closing in on the city from the south. Approximately 5000 IS fighters are believed to be currently remaining in the city. US General Gary Volesky claims, "We've seen movement out of Mosul; we've got indications that leaders have left." He didn't, however, specify who had left the city or the location to where they might've escaped to, including IS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. Many devoted IS militants, however, will likely stay in the city and continue fighting to keep control. About 5000 refugees have already escaped the city and are camping over the border of Syria. Approximately 1.5 million civilians, however, are still trapped in the city. Many people inside reported that the IS forces are preventing them from leaving and that they are lacking resources.

This connects to US History because in the past, the US has been committed towards stopping multiple terrorist groups, such as the KKK, even if they were outside of the country. In addition, this an example of a Push Factor that is causing many civilians to become displaced refugees.

Discussion Questions:
Do you believe that the US should continue spending resources towards stopping ISIS? How can the US help the civilians who are still trapped in the city? How can the US help the refugees who have escaped from the city?


  1. I firmly believe that the US should continue to spend resources because if the US doesn't push forward on trying to deal with the ISIS conflict, ISIS will surely gain a bigger advantage, much like what happened in the past. ISIS was able to become a bigger threat because of the US' neglect of eliminating them while they still had the chance. The US can help the civilians still trapped in the cities by providing them military aid, but in reality, the US will have to use its valuable time and resources to try to support these citizens. For the refugees, it is possible that the US can provide refugee camps for a temporary establishment or for recovering

    1. I agree with your point that the US should've dealt with the conflict earlier and tried to stop the group before they became more powerful and already caused so much damage. I also believe that the US is planning to set up temporary refugee camps for the refugees in order to help protect them until the city is safe again.

  2. I think that the U.S should focus funds on protecting the country then trying to exterminate something that cannot be exterminated. ISIS will always be there, because it is based on ideals, not how many soldiers, or land is taken back. The U.S can help the refugees by scaring ISIS using high tech weapons. This might allow them to extract the citizens safely. I do not think the U.S should do anything for those that are in the city, as it would risk too many lives.