Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Race Relations Worsened under Obama's Presidency?

Summary: A random poll consisting of a random national sample was taken from September 28 to October 2. Overall results state that 54% of people in the United States think that racial relations (between whites, blacks) have worsened under the presidency of Barrack Obama. Three-quarters of African-Americans and one-half of White-Americans feel the justice system favors White people over other races. This also contributes to that growth of the movement, Black Lives Matter, as more people are beginning to stand up to the "broken" system.

Connection: This relates to most of the United States history as it relates to slaves or African-Americans being treated as a lesser race. Also, this relates to the revolts and wars that have been fought against racial prejudice, such as the Civil War which is a main historical point in U.S. History as the country was divided into Pro-Slavery or Anti-Slavery.

Question: How do you feel about the racial relations before and after Obama's presidency? Why do you think people feel that racial relations have worsened under Obama's presidency? Could the country be divided again if the country does not take measures to stop/reduce the racial tensions?

Link to Article w/ poll results


  1. I feel that the racial relations have worsened between whites and blacks, not because of the president, but because of mainstream media. Many news stations show african americans being killed by white cops, which if the only police shootings shown is from whites to blacks, people will believe that white officers are racist. Racial relations between blacks and whites are mostly worsened by the media instead of the president.

  2. I believe that racial relations have only worsened because mainstream media have started to focus on mainly black-white events. Many of the public don't have time to watch all the news and as a result only hear rumors about police shootings or other events that could be seen as racism.

    1. I also agree that the mainstream media have used most of their resources on racism as it is a popular controversial topic that brings a lot of attention. I also agree that the public don't all follow all of the news, so when they hear about these rising news articles, they are only informed by those articles and not further researched.

  3. Racial relations have worsened not because of Obama, but because of the way media has exaggerated any form of racism under Obamas presidency. People feel that he has somehow rigged the justice system in favor of whites. Obama has no say in how people are viewed in the justice system, so how could he give any advantage to whites? The fact that Obama is the first African American president should suggest that the system is not rigged towards whites. I doubt that the country will be divided again, as there is no substantial evidence that the blacks are treated worse than whites.

  4. I think that racial relations between white people and POC have worsened due to media. With media, we have the power to say anything we want due to our freedom of speech. However, many people will not agree with what you say. This causes tensions between opinions and races. The Black Lives Matter movement has angered white people because they believe All Lives Matter as well. My point is that the media will alter and divide us more as time goes by.

  5. I do think racial relationships have worsened but I do not believe that it's because Obama. I believe that they have started to become worse ever since Trump began to give his speeches. I do think the country could be divided again especially if Trump becomes president because he picks out specific races, and makes other races seem bad compared to whites. I believe that is the reason why it is worsening, and could separate us.

  6. Obama has tried to help out minorities a lot, people just fail to see. He has raised minimum wages, and has tried to protect illegal immigrants. His actions show that he is not the reason that racial relationships have worsened.

  7. I think that racism got worse because of social media. It had and still does have a huge impact for situations starting and after