Thursday, October 6, 2016

Donald Trump is a moderately successful businessman, but he fills most of his projects with false hope.  This article states how over the course of 60 projects Donald Trump thought of and said would be “the very, very best” and would set a “new standard”, but then most of his projects are failures.  For example when Trump excitedly told the world about his new travel site “” he continuously said how amazing it would be, how much better it was than other companies, and how beloved his new travel site would be.  The outcome of this project was far below the standards Trump gave us, actually the project never actually started, so he failed before he began.  This project was one of approximately 60 other projects (within and unknown timeframe), where one third of the projects were never started, another one third were unsatisfactory and poorly made, and the last third mostly met expectations, but nothing extraordinarily special.  In this series of projects only a select few of Trumps ideas actually worked and succeeded.  And throughout all of these endeavors Trump always had some sort of legal problem to deal with, like lawsuits and government investigations.  And yet, though all this failure, this man is still a runner up for the president of our United States of America.  All in all, wether is be a product he is trying to sell, or the idea of him as president, Trump always oversells, and then the product is mostly always unsatisfactory and or a failure.

This connects to some of our former US presidents, who were business men before they were President.  Businessmen have historically made bad presidents, for example President Carter, Hover, and George Bush.  There is no real reason why businessmen don’t make good presidents, it just seems to be a pattern throughout history, there is not real correlations between the work businessmen do and the work the president dose.  Also, many today agree Harry Truman was a great and successful president, who matter of fact failed as a businessman.  This does not mean a businessman can’t succeed in the presidency, it just means no one has done it yet.

  • What do you think could be a possible outcome for the US and or the World if Trump won the Presidential election? And why?
  • If Trump supporters knew about his past failures, do you think they would change their view on Trump, and decide to vote for a different presidential candidate? And why?
  • Do you think if Trump is elected his presidency would be similar to those in the past? Why or why not?


  1. Mr. Trump's ideas will change the US and the world, for he has very strong viewpoints on certain conflicts and is willing to act. If Mr. Trump becomes President, it is possible that US relations with other countries will weaken, and one example of this would be the construction Mr. Trump's wall. This project will also use up America's resources. If Trump supporters found out about these things, then more people might begin to question Mr. Trump's capabilities as a President. It is possible that other groups of people might feel reluctant to support another candidate, for some believe that it is too late to switch views on their candidate and trust another one. When Mr. Trump is elected President, he will have the ability, the knowledge, and the experience to improve America's economy. For that reason, he will be completely different from past Presidents, and he is not afraid to express his beliefs to the public

    1. I agree that Trump's goals and ideas have the potential to shape this country. Also I believe if people see this news concerning trump, some will just ignore it, and others will still follow Trump, but there could be few people who would change sides, but that is highly unlikely, considering the majority of Trump's supporters have minimal educations. But I do not believe Trump would be able to help this countries economy, because if he wants immigration to stop, then the economy and job situation will get worse, as immigrants help the county.

  2. I think that even if Trump supporters found out about his previous failures, they would still support him. They would probably make up a reason to justify what he did.

  3. I think that Trump became president it would take the US of the track that it has been going on. Donald Trump is openly racist, which is something that has been deeply rooted in our history. Even today we still have troubles with racism. Trump becoming president would only make this matter worse, which is something I do not want to see.