Friday, October 21, 2016

UN warns of ISIS using 'human shields' in Mosul as militants strike

Iraqi army and militia forces arrive Thursday in Saleh village in the offensive to wrest Mosul from ISIS.

   Original Article:

Summary: ISIS has taken over 550 people and is using them as shields. They are doing this so the Iraqi forces have to kill their own people if they want to kill ISIS. This will cause many civilians to lose their lives if the Iraqis decide to shoot. ISIS also kills the left over people instead of letting them go. In a place near Mosul they killed around 40 civilians by shooting at them. This is bad because ISIS seems to be getting away with this horrible act of using civilians to cover them. This should be stopped because the civilians aren't in the war, and they shouldn't be brought into it if they don't want to be.

Connection: This connects to U.S. history because in the Korean war, the Koreans took American soldiers and used their bodies as shields. They did this for the same reason, so their enemies would be more hesitant at shooting at them.

Why do you think that they did this?

Do you think using civilians as shields is too far?

Do you think that civilians should be kept out of the war unless they want to be in it?


  1. I think they did this because it gives the ISIS a huge advantage in the war. Holding hostages to make the Iraqi soldiers hesitant to shoot at them. To the ISIS point of view, using civilians as a shield isn't going too far for them but for the Iraqi soldiers, it is.

    1. Yea, it's a strategy that works, but I agree that it's too far. They shouldn't have done this.

    2. Yea, it's a strategy that works, but I agree that it's too far. They shouldn't have done this.

  2. They did this to bring terror to people because that´s what a terrorist organization consists of. Their human shield acts are standard ways to bring terror so to them its not too far its completely normal. However its still not right to hold people hostage and use them as shields. Civilians should try to stay out of the war but they can still get caught up in it if they´re at the wrong place at the wrong time.

  3. I think they are doing this to get attention, whatever they want, they need to get the worlds attention and the way to do that is to produce insane actions. I believe it is way to unethical and is done just to get attention. I think all civilians should have right of choice and freedom to do whatever they choose. However, they should be kept safe if they ask for help.

  4. I think they doing this because there using the inocent citizens as leverage to the iraqi government. ISIS has way to much power but that's because the Iraq government dosnt have the essentials to stop the anit-government movements. ISIS wants to over throw their government and is in the process of that. Them using human shields just shows to what extend they are willing to go just to overthrow the government.

  5. I think that they are do this to get their point across that they are willing to kill innocent people just to further spread their beliefs. I also think they are doing this because it works in their favor because the government is less likely to shoot them and leave them alone because they have their own citizens

  6. I think ISIS is killing innocent people because they are trying to show their ruthlessness to all the people paying attention to them and to prove they are a serious matter. I think using civilians as a human shield is way out of line; the people who are trapped inside the city cannot escape and have to face the terrorists who are far more equipped with supplies than the citizens. Yes I think that the civilians should be kept out of the war except those who want to participate in it because they are in constant danger.

  7. First of all... thank you for not posting about Clinton/Trump.

    ISIS has little to no moral boundaries in terms of conquests. They have shown in the past that they have no issues with sacrificing civilians, women, and children in order to advance their cause. This is not only a human rights violation, it is an absolute sadistic practice that deserves condemnation.