Wednesday, November 2, 2016

America Supreme Court Chief Justice Ray Moore suspended for defiance over same-sex marriage

Summary: On September 30, 2016, Roy Moore, Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice was suspended for defying same sex marriage. He was also removed from office in 2003 after he refused to remove a 10 commandments monument he had installed in a judicial building in Montgomery and was reelected in 2012. In January this year, he issued an order probating the judges in the state from issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples. Moore ¨disgraced his office and undermined the integrity of the judiciary by putting his personal religious beliefs above his sworn duty to uphold the U.S. Constitution¨.
Connection: This is connected to Federalism because Moore was making rules that contradicted the federal government. Federalism is where the laws of the US Government overrule laws of the states. Same-sex marriage is legal according to the US government, so it is not allowed for Moore, an Alabama Chief Justice to prohibit judges from issuing marriage licenses.
Do you think it was right for Moore to suspended?
Are there any other ways to fix this situation?
Why do you think Moore put his own religious beliefs above his sworn duty to uphold the US Constitution?

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Pope says he believes ban on female priests is forever

Summary:When Pope Francis was interviewed after landing in Sweden he was asked if he thought women were allowed in the Catholic Churches as ministers in coming decades. He has said no and he stated/believes that women shall not be priest in Catholic Churches he also says jesus would willingly choose men as his apostles. He talked about Pope John Paul 11 and how in 1994 pope jhon closed the door on a female priesthood. Pope Francis Claims that if you read the " Declaration of St . Jhon Paul 11 , it is going in that direction ".

Connection : This connects to history in the 1913 when women weren't allowed to vote , work or do any sort of job. Everyone claimed that men were the only ones who have jobs because their strong , they said women were the ones who had to stay home and clean , take care of all the children because they were weaker and weren't able to handle heavy things .

Questions : Do you think it's wrong that women can't be priest?
                  How would you feel if you were told you couldn't be something you wanted to be ?

                 Would you keep this law the same or change it ?

Ferguson, MI Jails People for Failing Paying Minor Tickets

Summary: Ferguson, MI first became the focus of the public's attention after the killing of Mike Brown, an unarmed teen, by a Ferguson police officer. This sparked an investigation by the Justice Department that found that people in the city are routinely arrested and jailed for failing to pay traffic and court fines. People who are jailed for being too poor to pay minor debts most often lose their jobs and homes, only worsening the circumstances they are faced with. Using arrest warrants to enforce fine payment allows police to target black residents, which make up a large majority of the poor in Ferguson. Debtors prisons were outlawed under federal law in 1833. In 1983 the Supreme Court ruled jailing someone for being too poor to pay fines unconstitutional and that a judge must consider if a debtor has the ability to willfully pay or not. What it means to be able to willfully pay, however, can vary depending on the judge. This allows places like Ferguson and surrounding areas to become modern day debtors prisons.

Connection: In the 19th century it was common for people to be thrown in jail for not paying debts. Debtors prisons were outlawed under federal law in 1833. A nonspecific Supreme Court ruling, however, still allows people to face the same consequences for being too poor.

Questions: Is it fair for people to serve time for not being able to pay fines?
Do you think loopholes like this allow police to be racially biased and claim it justified?

Liberia's schools see improved attendance with free meals

Summary: In Liberia many people especially students starve.  The article describes a 16 year old who dreams to be a nurse so she can help her family out. She lives with her grandma who cannot afford to feed her on a daily basis. This family also shares one plate of food which means there is never enough for all of them. Organizations around the world such as Mary’s Meals are working hard to be able to provide the schools with meals. The kids of the schools are unable to work efficiently when on an empty stomach, so feeding them benefits the way they learn and their lifestyle.

Connection: During the revolutionary war many organizations such as red cross provided the necessities for those who ill and injured. This then helped the soldiers get what they need in order to keep fighting for their side. This article shows that humanitarian organizations are still needed today in order to help others in need.

Question:  How can we sustain humanitarian organizations that way they can continue to help the less fortunate? Why?

28 students and teachers die in attack on school in Syria

Summarize: In a school in Syria, 28 students and teachers were killed in an attack. By doing this attack the attackers went against war rules. Russian attackers deny that they were the ones that attacked the school. This school is only one of the 38 schools that were attacked in Syria. The attacks that happened in these schools left 3 of the schools unusable because of all the damage. America, although unsure if Russia actually initiated the attack, has valid reason to assume so. 

Connection: This connects to what we are learning about because something has to be done in order to help the Syrian civilians. These attacks and this war can lead to bigger things that can soon involve different countries. 

1) Do you think it was Russia that attacked this school?
2) What can be done to help these schools recover from these attacks?

Kim Kardashian held at gunpoint in Paris


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Image result for kim k paris incident                    Image result for kim k paris incident                                                         
     Kim Kardashian was held at gunpoint in Paris by five armed robbers who fled with millions of dollars worth of jewelry. Mother-of-two Kim(35) was tied up, held at gun point, and locked in her bathroom, while the criminals ransacked her private apartment in Paris during early hours of October 5th, Monday morning. A spokesman for the star said the was "badly shaken" by the incident but unhurt. It has been claimed she 'begged for her life' during the terrifying ordeal. On Monday afternoon, Kim returned to New York and reunited with her husband, Kanye West, who cut short his concert telling crowds he had to deal with a "family emergency".
     This connects to when The Native Americans homes were invaded of their privacy and held captive.
     How would you feel if any of these events happened to you?