Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Pope says he believes ban on female priests is forever


Summary:When Pope Francis was interviewed after landing in Sweden he was asked if he thought women were allowed in the Catholic Churches as ministers in coming decades. He has said no and he stated/believes that women shall not be priest in Catholic Churches he also says jesus would willingly choose men as his apostles. He talked about Pope John Paul 11 and how in 1994 pope jhon closed the door on a female priesthood. Pope Francis Claims that if you read the " Declaration of St . Jhon Paul 11 , it is going in that direction ".

Connection : This connects to history in the 1913 when women weren't allowed to vote , work or do any sort of job. Everyone claimed that men were the only ones who have jobs because their strong , they said women were the ones who had to stay home and clean , take care of all the children because they were weaker and weren't able to handle heavy things .

Questions : Do you think it's wrong that women can't be priest?
                  How would you feel if you were told you couldn't be something you wanted to be ?

                 Would you keep this law the same or change it ?


  1. I think it´s wrong that women can be priests because if people wanted to live in an ¨equal world¨, then everyone should be given equal opportunities.

  2. I think pope Francis is correct on his statement because if women are actually allowed in the Vatican and allowed to be priest, it could potentially build a conflict in the religion force. Women may also have different views and ways of transmitting religion to the people and I don't think it would be smart because for decades priest have always been men and they seem to transmit religion to the people the same way.

  3. like Francesca said about equality i do think that woman should be a loud to be priest because of how they say "everyone is equal" I dont think its fair that woman cant be a priest.