Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Trump considers meeting with Kim Jong un Korea. For many centuries, North Korea has had tensions with the United States and the rest of the world with their system of running their country. Defector Thae Yong Ho escaped the North Korean Embassy with his family. He explains that the longer the United States continues to keep their current terms and conditions affiliated with North Korea, the bigger North Korea's nuclear firepower increases. Because Kim Jong Un and his fathers before him have always had the system of eliminating any threats to their country, Thae believes that change and relations between both countries would have to be the change of power in North Korea.Despite all of This, Trump has offered a meeting with the leader of North Korea after his election. Thae explains that if Trump is to have a meeting with Kim Jong un, he is providing "legitimacy" for the leader. No country has met with Kim Jong Un yet. In March, sanctions have been passed through the United Nation's Security council.

Connection: The Conflict between North Korea and the United States has been one of the longest tensions between two countries along side Cuba. The United States and North Korea have Nuclear warfare tensions between each other that are only getting bigger. The agreement between the two countries has been assisted By the United Nations, as we have studied in history.This agreement would be another example of the power and effect of the UN.

questions:should The US be the first country to be involved with sanctions with North Korea?What should the Us do with the increasing Nuclear war tensions? Will the legitimacy of North Korea will be a bigger problems than existing tensions?


  1. I don't think it is a good idea that Trump and Kim Jong Un should meet because no other country has met with him since his ruling and I don't think America should step forward and have a meeting with him

  2. I don't think the US should get involved with North Korea. President Trump should not get involved because he needs to figure out how he's going to "Make America Great Again", before he starts stepping into what is going to happen to other countries and the other countries futures. If Trump is able to "Make America Great Again", which I believe is pretty impossible because of how narcissistic he is, he won't be able to make changes in other countries as well.

  3. I think that's trump's initiative to try and negotiate with North Korea is actually kind of hypocritical, because this entire time it seemed like he had this type of isolationist attitude about him, how he wanted to give jobs back to america and shut down factories in china. If he wants to cut off the American trade with China, then why should he bother with North Korea? In addition to that, if he does fall through with this plan, I have a feeling things are going to go down Iraq style... (btw this is summer)