Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Women's March in Oakland and other cities.



Summary: On Saturday about 100,000 people from all over the bay area attended the Women's March held in Oakland. This march was called the "First step" into taken action in opposing the new president. Many people became united by fear that the new president has caused people to feel. People held hands, posters, and wore pink. The march was joyful and the people who attended were happy. Most people did not want any "nastiness" at the march, like what there was during the election. There were also no arrest made in Oakland during this event. This event was also beneficial to bart and some downtown restaurants.

Connection: This connects to the women's suffrage in 1848. Women had to fight in order to get educated and to work. Women are once again fighting to be treated with respect, among other things.

Questions: Do you believe the Women's March is effective? Do you agree with what women are doing? What do you believe the next steps should be for America?


  1. In my opinion I do not believe this march is effective as it should be. This march most likely has showed society once again that women want more in life and want their voices to be heard. They yearn to be united under one nation but they are stuck in the belief that with our new president nothing will be accomplished. If we can sacrifice our own doubt in what this country is becoming and complete the notion that who are president is, is what we are going to have to abide by then maybe women will realize they are not the only ones going through this so called "hardship"

  2. so ya, i kind of do not agree with what women are doing even though i am a woma

  3. I agree with the women's march, if our rights are at hand we have to stand together to get our voices heard. Clearly it worked because everyone knew about it.I think that the next steps are making women equally and letting us have the rights to our own bodies.

    1. I agree, I do believe that we should all stand together in order to bring awarness to this and earn some respect. I believe we should continue to work hard in order to get our voices heard

  4. although i respect what women are doing, i feel it's not effective and won't have the same effect they want it to have towards the president. I do agree with what they are doing but feel there can be a better way to make a point in their cause other than a march. I believe the next steps for America should be to make all people within the US to feel safe and have trust within their government.

  5. i agree with the womens march but its not very effective because i feel like no matter what us women do , we will always be looked down on and called weak.

  6. I agree that the women's march is somewhat effective. I do agree with what they are trying to do. I believe our next step is trying to protect women's rights and make everyone feel safe in America.

  7. I agree with the women's march because I feel like we have a right to express our concern for our rights. I think the next step should be making everyone equal in the United States.

  8. From being a women myself, I agree with the Womens March because I believe in taking a huge step to make our rights a part of the main focus.

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  10. I do think that the Women's march was effective. There were marches all over the country and even internationally which shows how powerful this really was and how important the cause is. I do not personally agree that this was ineffective since the shear number of people basically caught the attention of everyone and was a big deal because already a whole gender and group of people were standing up, making their voices heard. I don't believe we will always be seen as weak, because these marches showed that we will speak up and we will not be trampled over. I hope in the next couple years things will start to change.

  11. Women's marches are effective. In coming together, both women and men are showing solidarity and support for everything women deserve. Hopefully, even under Trump's presidency, women will be treated with respect.