Thursday, February 23, 2017

China bans coal imports from North Korea

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Brief overview of the article: On Monday Feb 20, 2017 China has announced that it would no longer be getting any coal imports from North Korea starting on Sunday and being in affect throughout the rest of 2017. This ban has gone into place due to the growing tensions between both countries because of North Korea's recent missile test that occurred the week prior. As news got out after North Korea's successful medium long-rage missile China rejected a shipment of coal that was coming through from North Korea. North Korean economist Ri Gi Song stated that they didn't really export much coal so the "so-called-ban" doesn't really affect them. 

Connection: I believe that this does connect to the cold war and the trouble that North Korea has caused in the beginning after WWII moving to present day and all of the issues that we currently have. 

Question: Do you believe that this ban is just the first step of the further tension with North Korea?
What do you believe is this ban is effective to ease tensions with North Korea?


  1. I believe that yes, this ban will further cause tension in North Korea. I do not believe that this ban will help the tensions, I believe it will make things worse.

  2. I think that this ban will cause more tension in North Korea because they are now enemies with a bordering country who was previously their strongest ally.

  3. There is definitely tension between north Korea and China. Which is very worrying

  4. i agree with Aaron,This will cause more tension with North Korea. China doing this does not help anything but makes everything worse. China is finally doing something to put pressure on North Korea to make change.

  5. I don't believe that this ban is the first step of the further tension with North Korea because as the North Korean economist Ri Gi Song stated, that they didn't export much coal. This ban has no dramatic impact to Korea.