Thursday, February 9, 2017

Court Refuses to Reinstate Travel Ban, Dealing Trump Another Legal Loss

Trump's immigration ban is widely known throughout the California, as well as United states, but on Thursday February 9th, a panel of judges voted not to reinstate the travel ban.  This means theses judges are not allowing Trump's ban to go no any longer,  witch will not only help immigrants, but it will also keep helping innovation and the US economy.  This unanimous vote to stop the travel ban, is a great step to keeping america the land of opportunity for everyone, but as shown through this article, Trump still wants to enforce an immigration ban, as illustrated by his tweet.  Trump's tweet said "SEE YOU IN COURT, THE SECURITY OF OUR NATION IS AT STAKE!", this implies that trump believes immigrants are bad for this country, and affect the safety of this country in a negative way.  Although judges have kept this ban from staying in effect, Trump will continue to try and force and keep immigrants out of America.

This connects to when President Roosevelt gave the order to intern Japanese Americans because, the immigrants trying to live and come to this country peacefully are being treated poorly and with little respect from the president.  Although these are two different situations, and both victims are of different ethnicities, the basic idea is still the same. Both President Trump and Roosevelt believed (Trump still does) that just because someone is different, or from another country means that they are dangerous, and should be contained, or not allowed to enter the country.  In both cases the United States president treated a minority poorly because they believed that specific minority was a breach in public/government safety.    


1. Do you think immigrants are helpful or hurtful the the US? Why?
2. Do you think immigrants should be considered dangerous to the US? (elaborate)
3. How do you think Trump will try to get this immigration ban reinstated?

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  1. Really depends in my opinion, literally almost everyone in the united states is an immigrant and immigrants are what made this country the way it is now. Immigrants are people and people can be unpredictable which is why immigration is such a gray area and controversial as it is. Although this ban that trump is trying to enforce, cannot last for long since this travel ban was so sudden and unnecessary that I doubt it would be reinstated.

    1. That is a very good point, and I agree that it can be a very opinion oriented issue in our country currently, and that it is very unlikely that this ban will be reinstated.

  2. I personally believe that immigrants do not harm this country because they do a lot of the hard labor that most Americans would not do do. And without them our country wouldnt be the same in the fact that we are considered the country of opportunities, and we would be taking that away from many people

  3. I agree with Regina and think that immigrants do many things that Americans wouldn't do. I don't think that immigrants aren't dangerous to the US because our country is the way it is today because of these immigrants. I don't think that Trumps ban wont be reinstated because many people are against this and are taking action against it.

  4. I think that immigration is the foundation of the American Dream itself. Many of us would not be here if it weren't for America allowing immigrants to make their lives better for themselves. I think that anybody can be dangerous, it seems to be that we target more people of color as criminals than white people. I have seen white men not get thrown into jail for raping a young woman, however I have seen black men get shot and killed for carrying a knife. To answer the second question, no. Immigrants are not dangerous to America.

  5. I think what Trump fails to understand (like many things) is that the U.S. is made up of mainly immigrants. The U.S. is known to be a diverse and accepting country that welcomes people from different countries and all over the world into it. Just because there's a group of people committing crimes or terrorist acts, doesn't mean an entire population is is to blame, or that they are guilty or responsible. That's like blaming the entire white population for Trump's actions, when really, a lot of them don't support him. Trump has this misconception that all immigrants are dangerous based on actions that were carried out by groups within that population, yet here we're seeing him putting them in dangerous situations. Some immigrants come to the U.S. because they either want to pursue the American Dream or get out of dangerous situations. Muslims flee from their country because at the moment, it isn't a safe place to be and stripping them of a safe haven here is inhumane. Trump isn't banning immigrants for the sake of the U.S. and keeping it safe, because if he was, he would have to ban his own wife, who he has somehow forgotten is an immigrant herself. This isn't about immigrants, this is about Trump being racist and wanting to make this an all-white country. I'm not sure how he will try to reinstate the ban, but knowing Trump, he'll find a way to do so.