Thursday, February 9, 2017

In La Honda, right near Pescadero, there was a major mudslide that went down a mountain and ended up closing part of a road. The mudslide was so large that it ended up taking a whole house down with it. Fortunately, the family had noticed a crack get larger and larger so they took their stuff and went to the neighbors house. When the house went down, no one was harmed but the entire house was ruined. A water line was busted and also slightly flooded the area. People in the area are still concerned because of the upcoming weather and the mudslide is still moving slowly. Many people had to come together to help with the problem and support those who had lost a lot. Multiple storms are coming through California and while are drought is being fixed, its causing many disasters. Lots of flooding is happening everywhere and ruining homes and businesses.

This connects to the natural disasters such as the dust bowl and the harsh living conditions during the great depression and how people had to work together to fix a problem.

Critical Thinking
Do you think this was a bad placement of housing?
How has the drought affected California?
What are some solutions to all the rain/storms happening in California? How can people prepare for the storms so that there is less chance for disaster?


  1. This is an unfortunate situation for anyone and I do not believe it had to do with anything in the placement of the house. We can assume that the house was there years prior to this disaster. These kind of disasters are natural disasters and cant be blamed on anything much more than nature. The exiting of the drought in California has caused lots of issues due to the fact that people are not prepared.

  2. The house was probably not placed in a safe location. Due to unplanned mudslide the house is unsafe and ruined. With such a downpour of tons of water, these houses placed on hills seem very prone to mudslides and not proper placement doesn't help much. I don't what the drought has do do with it. Can you help me with what is has to do w the drought?

    1. I agree with you, with all the water we can agree that the placement of the house was not a good choice because the houses are more prone to disaster. And it has to do with the drought because we are now getting out of it and if we had never been in a drought, then disasters (like the house sliding) would never occur.