Tuesday, February 28, 2017

'Hundreds' of US Jewish graves attacked in Philadelphia

Scott Shandler (L) and Jon Lattanzio re-set a tombstone

The police have not yet found the anti-Semitic vandals responsible for trashing what is said to be about 500 graves in a Jewish graveyard. Less than a week prior, a Jewish cemetery was defaced in St. Louis, Missouri. Additionally, many different Jewish Community Centers (JCC) in Alabama, Delaware, Florida, Indiana, Maryland, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Virginia received bomb threats on Monday. The FBI is also investigating over 50 bomb threats to different JCCs since January. It was reported that three Christian cemeteries near by in Philadelphia were undamaged. In a Buffalo suburb on Saturday, residents awoke to find much of their neighborhood to be defaced with anti-Semitic words and symbols. The Jewish community is calling to the federal government to take action to respond to the 'disruption and anxiety.'

This connects to US History and our study of the Ku Klux Klan's hate crimes toward African Americans. Prior to the Civil Rights Movement, the KKK was very active in their acts of terrorism, murder, and assault; fueled by their hate-based ideology. This white supremacist organization  KKK targeted African Americans through lynchings, arson, rape, and bombings. 

Why do you think the vandals did what they did? And who do you think is responsible? 
How would you feel if your family member's grave was defaced? What would you want the vandals punishment to be?
What do you think Donald Trump should do to address this anti-Semitic hate in our country?


  1. The vandals probably had done what they did because of how they were brought up and how they were taught. I can't say it was a certain religion but I can say that it was someone with hate inside of them. I would feel extremely saddened at why someone would do that. Maybe charged with vandalism and put in jail. He SHOULD do something like create a more useful wall for protection of people's loved one's graves.

  2. I agree with Ian because I don't think that anyone is born with hate inside them I believe that it is taught into them. If a family member's grave was defaced I would have a lot of hatred toward the person that did it because that is extremely disrespectful toward that person. I do think Trump should address this problem because after all he is our president

  3. I don't think anyone should be punished yet until there is solid proof and everyone should be treated equally. I dont think a whole certain religion should be blamed because then they are being racist. I would be very sad if someone damaged my mothers grave but i would want to find the specific person responsible for it, not blame a whole race. Also if their stuff was damaged they should do research on who damaged their things too, not just ours.

  4. I think that they should be punished for their wrongdoings. They should be counseled and shown that racism is wrong since they were probably raised with anti-semetic influences. I think that the government should try to fix this problem.

    1. I also believe that they should be charged for what they did. I think the government should pay for it and i would be very upset if this was my family members stone and it was vandalized.

  5. After they find the vandals, they should punish them because they need to be shown that racism is wrong, and they should learn from their actions. Donald Trump should address this issue because as the president, he should take action and try to be a good leader and example for America.

  6. I think that Donald Trump needs to publicly condemn these actions and all other actions like this. He needs to be clear and say that it is wrong and not what this country stands for

  7. The vandals did this because they are hating against the Jews, but seems to be only Jews because "it was reported that three Christian cemeteries nearby in Philadelphia were undamaged." I don't really know who is responsible for this, but it is wrong. I would feel devastated if that was done to a family member because they are already deceased, what harm could they do to anyone? They need to rest in peace. Donald Trump should publicly address this issue to make people aware of this. There should be no racism in the U.S.

  8. The Vandals committed this act in order to convey their rancor towards Jews. Those responsible must have been anti-Semitics who expressed their emotions in an explicit way. If my family member's gravestone was defaced, then I would replace the gravestone as I would not allow myself to be entangled by hate. I would not punished the violators even if I had the chance as it would only result to more trouble. Donald Trump will most likely ignore this situation and his ability to make any difference is inhibited.

  9. I believe that these criminals did what they did because they are racist, plain and simple. The increasing anti-semetic behavior is unacceptable, and should be dealt with swiftly and severely by the administration. Unfortunately, I dont believe the current administration cares enough to take action against this disgusting behavior, and hope that america can elect more proactive officials in the future.