Thursday, February 23, 2017

Is The Two-State Solution Dead?


On February 16, 2017,  a meeting between the prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Donald Trump raises questions about what Trump meant when he said that there will be a One-State solution. Many are thinking about whether he meant that Israeli's and Palestinian's would live in harmony, or if there would be one state for just Israeli's, and the Palestinians would just be second class citizens. Moreover, people are also saying that Israel is already seen as a one state, so they're wondering if it would make a difference to just make it official. 

Connection to US History:  Donald Trump is not the only president that was interested in having a one-state solution between Israel and Palestine. 

1) Do you think there should be a one state or two state solution?
2) Do you think trump has the right to make it a one state solution even though Israel and Palestine are not in the US?
3) How do you think the Palestinians are going to feel when they no longer have a state for themselves? 

1 comment:

  1. I believe having a one-state solution will help ease tensions in the far future, however currently I believe it will cause war and fighting. The two states do not get along and they want their own separate states, this prevents most of the tensions. I do not think anyone outside of Israel and Palestine has the right to control these two states. It is there problem, not America's. I think Palestinians are going to be furious and want to fight Israelis even more.