Thursday, February 23, 2017

Kim Jong Nam Dead, Half-Brother of Kim Jong Un

The dictator's half brother has been killed in a "prank". On Monday, Kim was on his way to the airport to fly to Macau and felt as if he were grabbed from behind and had and hand over his face. Rumors were that he felt dizzy and was rushed over to a hospital in which he died en-route. On Wednesday, North Korea then placed blame on South Korea for the murder of the dictators brother. In Malaysia, two women believed to be part of the death of Kim, were arrested and were given information on Kim's girlfriend playing a large part in the murder. On Thursday, Siti Aishah, the girlfriend of Kim was detained and told her part of the story. She was paid money to play a part in a "prank" television show that would be a woman squirting water in people's faces and filming their reaction. She claimed that she had sprayed a few people prior to Kim but was given and special spray bottle for Kim. On Sunday, top official of the Malaysian police force stated they were looking for four North Korean men who fled the airport shortly after the incident.

Kim Jong Nam, left, was the half-brother of North Korea's leader Kim Jong Un, right.
We are currently discussing the issue with the spread of Communism during the Cold War and North Korea is a communist country.
1.What do you believe was in the spray bottle that caused the death of the North Korean dictators brother?
2. Do you think that North Korea will have allegations against Malaysia with tampering with evidence?
3.Is it helpful that Kim is dead?


  1. I think their was some kind of poison in the bottle that killed Kim, and it is not helpful that Kim is dead because there will now be problems between North and South Korea.

  2. I agree with Kalisi that there was some sort of toxin or poison in the water spray that was used. I do think that North Korea will suspect Malaysia for the death of his half-brother due to tampering with evidence. It is not helpful Kim is dead because like Kalisi said, it will cause high tensions within various countries and will most likely jump to conclusions about his brothers death.

  3. It is not helpful that Kim is dead as North Korea blamed South Korean and this will only cause more tension between the two countries.

  4. This does not help at all with south and north Korea relationship at all. From the description alone I'm gonna guess poison in the bottle

  5. i think that there was some type of poison inside the bottle. it is not helpful that Kim is dead it will just cause more tension.

  6. I agree with Kalisi that their was some kind of poison in the water spray. This will cause problems between North and South Korea. Kim's death is not helpful because its not going to cause a lot more problems than they already have

    1. killed by a toxin that would disrupt your internal organs from the inside

  7. Why do you think Kim Jong Nam was killed?

  8. The death of the Supreme leader's half brother is not that significant. He has nothing to do with how Kim Jun Un rules and how North Korea is ruled.