Friday, February 17, 2017

Pakistan suicide bombing in 800 year old Shrine

Pakistani soldiers cordon off Lal Shahbaz Qalandar shrine in Sehwan after Thursday's attack.

Summary:  A suicide bomber walked into a shrine while people were praying and blew it up. About 200 or more were injured and of the dead 24 were children 4-8, and 16 were women. Thousands of worshipers were struct by the bomb, families, children. On a Thursday, people gathered at a 800 year old shrine, which to these people it is very sacred. The Pakistan military is trying to crack down on all these terrorist people but its very hard when a lot of these terrorist groups have power and are willing to take their lives for stuff like these because they have nothing to lose. ISIS has taken responsibility for the bombing. The Pakistani military blocked of the Afghanistan border and killed more than 100 terrorist and arrested a lot to throughout the country.

Connection: This connect to the Bombing in Hiroshima, Japan. During World War 2 because this bombing, although didn't kill thousands of people it still had an impact on people and was still devastating. No one likes to see anyone die, especially over a bomb.

1.  Do you think if the Military catches a terrorist, should he or she be tried, and executed?
2. Why do you think terrorist targeted the shrine?
3. Do you think the US should get involved in some type of way to end terrorism because it could effect us too?



  1. if the military catches a terrorist they should be tried. I think that the terrorist attacked the shrine because he wanted to make a statement and make people scare to prove that he might be powerful.

  2. i think if the military catches a terrorist they should be tried. I think the terrorist charged the shrine because he wanted to make a statement (just like kevin said, i agree with him). I do not think the US should get involved because its not our affairs

  3. I also agree that if a Military catches a terrorist, they should be tried, but not executed immediately. They can use them to get more information from them. I believe that the terrorist targeted the shrine because they are an extreme group and they must've had a strong hate for that religion. I believe the US should try to get involved to prevent terrorism, as we are a superpower in the world and should try to protect everyone we can.

  4. The terrorists should definitely be tried, but they should not be executed. The issue with these suicide bombers is that they are not necessarily bad people - They have simply been brainwashed by those who re actually bad. These kids are born into poverty in these third world counties. What happens to these kids is that they are either raised by the terrorists, in exchange for food, and they do not know any better than what the terrorists tell them. Many are also discontent and uneducated, allowing them to fall victim to the propaganda of terrorist organization. We should instead be targeting those who plan the attacks. The terrorist targeting the shrine because a) they wanted to cause as much chaos as possible and b)it may have been religiously motivated. There is still some bad blood from partition as it was less than 100 years ago. We should provide aid to prevent terrorist attacks, but we cannot go all in. Currently there is a military force occupying Karachi, a large city in Pakistan and they have helped prevent terrorism, so maybe we could do something like that.

  5. I think if the military catches a terrorist, they should be tried because they are trying to hurt us.

  6. I don't believe that a terrorist should be tried. If someone personally attacks your family would you want them to be tried to executed? To end terrorism we would all have to be in sync with one another and that is impossible with the amount of different opinions leaders throughout the world have.

  7. I think that if a terrorist was caught they should not be tried and they should be executed. I think that there will be no end in terrorism because as long as the middle east is isolated from western teachings their mindsets will not change.

  8. I do think that everyone should have a fair chance at trial. It's pretty clear that terrorist like these wants to scare people making them think they have no limitations by bombing themselves. The US should support this more because the lack of support for Pakistan is low