Thursday, February 16, 2017

Plastic island

Plastic island: How our throwaway culture is turning paradise into a graveyard


Summary: Right now there millions of trash laying on the the midway beaches. Midway is one of the most remote places on the planet but one of the hardest hits by pollution. Most of this trash comes from America and China. The biggest garbage patch in the world is The North Pacific gyre. The trash you find on the beach is incredible.they say by 2050 there would be more trash in the ocean then there are fish.  How could we let Society get this way? None of the trash was used or brought here, it floted. The thing is that they never stop cleaning up there, it's just that the trash keeps on coming. This is very dangerous to the local sea animals and birds.the birds mistake the trash as fish and feed it to their young. The baby's stomachs can't digest the plastic so the died and get mixed up with the trash that killed them. How could we be so selfish and not care about trash when that garbage is killing our animals? How could we do that to them? 

Connection:  this connects to World War II because when the soldiers needed food they encourage the American people to salvage their food.  This connects because the soldiers needed food so therefore  American people took action and now the birds and the only way for them to get food it's for humans to stop pollution. 

Questions: what way do you think that will help with pollution? Do you believe we should encourage  not to used products such as styrofoam or plastic? What do you think would happen in the future if we keep on doing what we are doing? 


  1. So far in California, we have been doing a good job of avoiding the use of styrofoam. I think we should use reusable water bottles instead of plastic throwaway ones so that less pollution will happen. If we continue to keep polluting, many fish and sea creatures will get sick and start to die.

    1. do you thing we should enforce this at our school? do you think this would help the school look clean and teach a life skill?

  2. I think a way that can help the pollution to decrease is to use bio-degradable material and somehow incorporate that to everyday life. I agree with Ryan's idea of water bottles and make everyone more aware of whats happening with our big trash problem. If we keep doing what we're doing now, all sorts of marine life will die and pollute our world even further.

  3. Throwing trash and recyclables away in proper disposals seems pretty simple so it's kind of sad that there are those that still pollute our oceans and earth. Obviously individuals have not been taught by parents that it is quite simple to do your part in protecting the environment! I propose we fund education for environmental awareness and proper disposal habits for the youth. This should in theory create a society that is more eco-focused.

  4. California has helped in a big, big way with this, making the usage of plastic bags rather than reusable bags at grocery stores cost 10 cents. To truly get the message of recycling across, this should become a larger part of education in elementary school, with focus on knowing what objects go in which bins, and maybe making it a curriculum.