Friday, February 24, 2017

Russian Ship 30 miles off U.S. Coast , Armed with Missiles
Image result for SSV-175 Viktor Leonov

    Summary:  Recent moves by Russia have put concern to the U.S. Military. Russia's most recent move involves a Russian spy ship (SSV-175 Viktor Leonov) seen sailing with missiles 30 miles off the U.S. coast. Other recent moves have also been more aggressive, the most recent aggressive move involves 4 Russian planes ( including 3 Russian attack Jets) flying "low and slow", about 200 yards away from a U.S. destroyer (USS Porter). The most aggressive move so far by Russia has been them deploying nuclear missiles in their own land. 

   Connection: Just recently we were talking about the Cold War and this this fits perfectly because this story involves Russia moving weapons around like its the cold war. During the cold war Russia sent nuclear missiles to Cuba and with a Russian spy ship recently being seen 30 miles off the the coast with missiles it is almost like its happening again. Also during the Cold War Russia and the U.S. both had high tensions with their carriers facing each other , this is like how Russia is flying close to U.S. ship. 

  1.    With Russia acting strange moving around nuclear missiles and weapons , Should we be concerned?
  2.    Should the U.S. react to these moves by Russia and should they let it be?
  3.    Is Russia violating the treaty between Russia and the U.S. that was made during the cold war?


  1. As of right now I do not think that this is something we should be concerned about, but if this escalates and Russia shows further aggression towards the US it will become something to worry about.

  2. I think for now for the sake of peace on earth. We should dismiss it and worry about it later unless things get worse

  3. I think we should be concerned because with nuclear weapons involved again, we cannot risk having nuke to be dropped. I think the U.S should probably send a letter to Russia's president and ask them questions about first before doing anything else, they should clarify what they are doing.

  4. The US should definitely be concerned because the Russian ship is way to close to America. Cuba was a big threat to the US and it was 90 miles from Florida. However, this ship was only 30 miles away. The US military should be concerned and figure out a way to stop the threat.

  5. The US should keep an eye out on this shit, but should not engage unless needed to. The US has other things to worry about right now, like what the President is doing. But we certainly do not want Russia to attack us.

  6. Although many of you have good points, I feel that a Russian ship deploying planes to observe an American Destroyer especially in peacetime, is kind of sketchy. Right now, America should keep a close eye on Russia just in case they mean to do harm.

  7. I don't think we should be concerned because all these years, no one has really taken any action there has been no physical fighting. Maybe the US should have their guard up and be alert just in case Russia decides to play some move.