Tuesday, February 7, 2017


In Afghanistan, 20 people were killed by a suicide bomber, as well as 45 injured. The main target for the suicide bomber was the car park of the court compound. The bomber was said to be part of the Taliban. The court employees were targeted when they were leaving the court to go home. The bombing was so strong, it shook nearby buildings, as well as breaking windows.

Connection to US History: This incident is connected to US History because when we learned about Hitler, we learned that he was targeting a certain group of people. This relates to Hitler because the Taliban is targeting multiple groups of people.

1) What do you think should be done to stop the Taliban ?
2)Why do you think the Taliban targeted Afghanistan ?
3)Why do you think the Taliban is bombing so many places ?


  1. I think that the government should work harder in trying to stop them killing people. They were probably fighting for land, or something that they want. I think the Taliban is bombing so many places because they want power.

  2. To answer 2, the Taliban and Afghani government are fighting over control of the country. The Taliban are considered the 'bad guys' because they don't mind using tactics like this.

  3. I think that the government should attempt bigger stradgy's to try and take down the taliban, but for some reason i believe that the govenrment won't try to stop the taliban

  4. I think the taliban should start to have consequences so they can stop doing what theyre doing

  5. The government should actually try to stop or contain the Taliban. We have given up so much of our privacy for better security since 9/11, at this point they should have absolute no excuse for failing to protect us. Giving up our privacy and getting nothing in return is unacceptable. The Taliban is bombing so many places so that they could rise up to power and be in control.

    1. I think it's interesting that this attack, which occurred in Afghanistan, got so little media coverage in the US... if this terrorism occurred on our soil, news outlets would cover it for days. I think "the government" you refer to is the United States, and I agree - any people killed by the Taliban, regardless of country, should be avenged. Your connection to privacy is excellent and I agree that transparency between public and government has been greatly increased with not much progress on stopping terrorism.

  6. I think the best course of action to stop the Taliban is to asses how and where they go to their bombing sites, and from that try to stop them by knowing where they will be next. Another way the Taliban can be stopped is if security is increased, and if they see suspicious activity from anyone, no matter the race or relation.

  7. Well If we want to stop the Taliban's their needs to be more support on stopping this internal war against the Taliban and Afghanistan, who are fighting because of power reasons and I think Taliban's bomb a lot because they aren't afraid of doing it and it does scare a lot of people, using fear as a tactic