Friday, February 17, 2017

Trump and Russia

The now president Donald Trump is not on the right page with his senior figures about Russia on twitter. After the NATO conference Mattis said we are not in the position to collaborate with Russia's military. Trump desires to work with Russia to improve relations with them and the United states. Tillerson spoke with the Russian foreign minister saying they are continuing violence in eastern ukraine. There was some controversy with his contact with the Russian ambassador.

What are your thoughts on the the president?



  1. I believe that president Donald Trump is a bad president overall i think that his plans are rash and he doesn't do anything good to "make america great again".

  2. Trump is unique, the way he is handling problems are so different then the way the presidents before him did. To me he doesn't look like a president, he just looks like a rich person with no valuable knowledge of the responsibility it takes to be a good president.