Friday, February 10, 2017

Trump finds the limits of executive power


Summary: Three federal judges unanimously refused to restore the White House's controversial travel ban, laying down the most significant marker yet that Trump's vision of an administration rooted in the muscular use of executive power -- similar to that he enjoyed as a business leader -- will not go unchallenged. Someone asked if Trump was considering signing a new immigration executive order in the wake of the court's decision, a White House official said Friday that he hasn't ruled anything out.
Connection: This connects to when the Japanese were separated from everyone during World War II, because the U.S. government believed they were spies. 
Questions: How will this affect our future?
                  Will this ever change?
                  How does this impact the U.S. citizens? 


  1. This angers a lot of U.S. citizens and it makes people feel unsafe while being in their own country. I think this will build a lot of rage towards the president and our country. Hopefully this does change, but for the next 4 years it doesnt seem like anything will change for the better.

  2. Not only will this effect the long term thoughts of us, American citizens it will lead to us feeling unsafe and then it actually happening. Some argue that this next four years will be change for a more better America but most agree that nothing will change for the better effect on us kids, adults and citizens overall.

  3. I think this will affect our future because this country will no longer be a free country. This will change if Donald Trump succeeds in making this possible. This impacts the US citizens because now people see it as acceptable to treat a minority like they're not human.

  4. This will definitely affect our future because illegal immigrants take on tough jobs that are unpopular. If illegal immigrants were to leave, American agriculture would be greatly affected and cause the encoding to also spiral down.