Thursday, February 2, 2017

Trump issues executive order to start rolling back Obamacare

Within Hours of Trump taking Oath, President Trump issues an executive order fulfill one of promises of rolling back Obama Care. The health law covers about 20 million Americans, though this order does not change the law removing everyone's health plan, the orders plan is to lower the financial burden on individuals. With Obama Care individuals had to prove they had a financial hardship in order to qualify for health care.  The Trump administration could try to loosen the criteria for qualifying for a hardship exemption. That way, fewer people would have to pay the penalty, which would be in line with the executive order and the call to provide relief to Americans suffering from the Obamacare's high costs.

Question For You:
- Do you agree with this plan? Why?

1 comment:

  1. i do dont agree with this plan. the idea that the law is changing to less standards means that there will be more people that can take advantage of the system. it is good that there will be less problems with the common person, there will be more economic problems with the government