Friday, February 3, 2017

Trump's New Policy Retains Foreigners in US

Summary: Trump implies that those who enter the United States do not "fully embrace our values of religious and personal liberty." President Trump's executive order has focused on prohibiting the entrance of foreigners into the country; however, the travel ban now impacts the status of tens of thousands of immigrants who are already living in the United states. Under the executive order, the entry of all refugees were suspended and citizens from Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen were blocked. The State Department did more than just ban entry, they are also revoking the visas, with no advance notification, of nationals from such countries, which includes those who are here studying, working, and living legally in the United States. The cancellation of visas, however, will not apply to those who are in currently in the United States. Accordingly, green card holders can be turned away at borders, for only United States citizens have the irrevocable right to enter the country.

Connection: This can be connected to the Korematsu vs. United States case in terms of being forced to relocate with an imperative need to protect from foreign loyalty, which in turn presents a racial prejudice. According to the case, Korematsu refused to evacuate from his home into an internment camp, as he argued that his habeas corpus was being violated as United States citizen. As of this ban, it is similar because both Korematsu and those who are citizens that are born other than the United States are being forced to relocate in fear of their loyalty to their precious country of living

Questions: Do you believe this ban is fair? How do you think this affects the families of those attacked by this ban? Why do you think some people agree with this order? How can you compare this to Trump's plan in building a wall?


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  3. I don't think the ban is fair at all, it feels like some kind of discrimination against them. Nothing but devastation for those who are affected. If there are people who actually agree with this, they are either stereotypical or racist (sorry, not sorry). I don't think there is a difference with this and the wall, they're both unwelcoming and they close doors (opportunities) for foreigners.

  4. I believe that this ban is unfair and negatively impacts many families because it separates them from each other. It also takes away all the hard work some have been through in order to get visas to live and work legally in the US. This relates to Trump's plan in building a wall because it is basically just excluding the US from the rest of the world.

    1. I agree that this is the same thing as building the wall in the sense that Trump is excluding the US from the rest of the world.

  5. The ban is obviously not fair. In fact, it violates the immigration act of 1965 which made it illegal to determine eligibility to immigrate based on race, which this act clearly does. It will affect people with families in those countries, as even people with green cards may be stopped. Many agree with this order because they fear people from the middle east, likely because of all this attention being given to them.

  6. I completely believe this ban is unfair, Trump is not going to get anything out of it. I believe it violates these people'a rights, For it affects these families because of the fact that they are blocking these people from seeing their families.