Sunday, February 26, 2017

Trump's War with the Press

Summary: Donald Trump, the 45th president of the united states, has been attacking the press, and calling any news outlet that disagrees with his policies fake news. He has recently called the mainstream media the opposition party. In recent weeks, the media has been calling out Donald Trump's blatantly false statements to be met with a reply of "you are fake news". Donald trump will not be attending the White house correspondents dinner, a place where all parties poke fun at each other. He did not give a reason for doing so. 

Connection: During the Nazi Regime in Germany, the press was given the name of L├╝genpresse, or lying press. This let Hitler control the media, and consequently, gave a much more popular spin on what Hitler was doing. Donald Trumps attack on the media is an attempt to get the media to fall in line with the false statements that are being shown by the white house.

Questions: 1) How should the media combat the attempts by the White House to discredit them?
2) What can be done to combat fake news?


  1. All we have to do is teach people about what real news and fake news is by teaching them bias and unreliability. There will always by news networks and headlines that will be like that. We just need to teach people to spot them out

  2. I think education the youth will help to combat fake news, and taking away the system that rewards clickbait would also help. The media should combat the white house by cutting back on opinions that are posted and focus more on facts. This would sway people more.

  3. I agree with Nikki in that we just need to spread the right ways of doing something. Media should also focus on not being too biased or too fake about their news they are letting out.

  4. The media should not react in any form directly to the government. Although the press does have their rights this could cause a lot of tensions and fights between media and government. The only thing we could do to end fake news is just be careful. There isn't really anything we could do because news is simply run by no one but the people making stories and getting paid.