Thursday, March 30, 2017

Is Colin Kaepernick being blackballed by the NFL?

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Summary: Former 49er NFL star quarterback is still looking for a job this offseason but nobody at this point wants to sign him to a contract or deal. Also his old coach Jim Harbaugh who now coaches with the Baltimore Ravens believes that Colin will soon get signed and get back to his starting role and his future legacy. Others believe that him standing up for other African-Americans is a bad thing for the NFL. The NFL is concerned about its image because they think it might be bad for their business. The NFL has to keep everything positive. They think that Colin Kaepernick is trying to be independent, and not for the NFL image. They would like to keep their image positive and unified.

Connection: Colin Kaepernick’s action of kneeling during the national anthem connects back to the Black Power Movement. In 1968, two athletes after their Olympic track race, raised their hands with black gloves on. This was considered to be a big impact toward the 1960s time period. Kaepernick is standing up for black people and how the police system has not been working for our time period.

Do you think Colin Kaepernick’s standing up for what he believes in a positive or a negative thing?

How much of an impact do you think he is having on the #blacklivesmatter movement?

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Illegal sex-selective abortions uncovered in India

This week in Maharashtra, India, a doctor and his brother were charged and convicted for performing illegal sex-selective abortions. Since 1994 it has been illegal to find out the sex of the baby a woman is carrying, a law passed to prevent sex-selective abortions. In India as well as many other Asian countries, these types of abortions have been performed because many expecting mothers do not want a female child. A daughter comes with different responsibilities than a son, such as a dowry for when she marries. Because of this, female fetuses are being aborted to lessen those responsibilities, but this also resulted in having the male to female child ratio drop dramatically to 89/100. Because of this, there is an increased demand for wives, which has and continues to feed the human trafficking and sex trafficking industries.

These selective abortions tie into eugenics, a movement popular during the 1940's. The purpose of eugenics was to get rid of the "weaker" races and people that were disabled or mentally handicapped. It also relates to the feminism movement, in which many people fight to end the discrimination based on sex and/or gender.

Could this relate to any other historical events? If so, which ones?
How could this relate to the current conflict over abortion rights?

Link to CNN article

Monday, March 27, 2017

Bathroom Bill Costs North Carolina

Summary:  North Carolina has a law limiting LGBT protection such as gender neutral bathrooms.  This law has been debated over, and some republican assure that it will cost nothing, but the actual data shows that it will cost about 3.76 billion dollars in the next twelve years.  This cost will come when LGBT supporting people or businesses avoid North Carolina.

Connection:  This connects to the segregated bathrooms and the Montgomery bus boycotts.  This relates to the segregated bathrooms because in the Jim Crow Era, bathrooms were segregated based on race.  Now they are segregated based on gender and North Carolina is fighting back against the attempt to end the segregation.  It also relates to the Montgomery bus boycott because people avoided the segregated buses and since the buses suffered, they were forced to change. Similarly, people will avoid North Carolina, and since it will suffer, it will have to change.

Question:  How do you think the North Carolina government will react? LGBT people? LGBT supporting businesses?

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Friday, March 24, 2017

Toronto Schools to Cease Field Trips to U.S.


Summary: Toronto schools have stopped planning field trip to the US due to Donald Trumps new travel ban thus causing some students to not be passed through the border. This decision was passed by the Toronto District School board when Trump administration tightened. A spokesman of the boards later stated, "we don't want to put our students in the position of traveling down to the border with their friends and classmates on a trip and then being told they cannot enter the U.S. for no legitimate reason". For the trips already books, they would be carried on, but no further trips would be planned. He also stated that on any trip where a student is denied access through the border, the entire trip will be canceled, and if this continues then all field trips will be cancelled for the remainder of the year until further notice. It is also later stated that many international students aren't applying to US. colleges, meanwhile the numbers are increasing for international students applying to schools in Canada.

Connection: This current event connects with Angel Island and Ellis Island because many of the immigrants weren't allowed into the US and were sometimes even humiliated in front of others.

          1. Why do you think some student wouldn't be allowed to pass through the border?
          2.How long do you think this travel ban will last?

South Korean president removed from office over corruption scandal

On Friday, March 10, 2017, the South Korean President Park Geun-hye was removed from office. Her role in a corruption and influence-peddling scandal led to all 8 justices on the Constitutional Court to vote to uphold the impeachment of Park which was passed in December. It was concluded that she had leaked confidential documents to Choi Soon-sil assisting her in extracting bribes and asking big businesses for donations.

This event relates to US history because of the situation with Richard Nixon during his second term. In 1993, there was an Arab oil embargo, gasoline rationing, and a continuing series of revelations about the Watergate scandal. The escalation of the scandal cost Nixon a lot of political support. In 1994, in the face of impeachment, Nixon resigned from office.

  1. Do you believe that her impeachment was an appropriate punishment?
  2. Why do you think she tried to help Choi Soon-sil obtain money?
  3. How can this situation be avoided in the future?


Thursday, March 23, 2017

Mexico Is Willing to Pull Away From NAFTA Negotiations that Involves Canada and the U.S.

Summary: Mexico is having an issue with NAFTA negotiation. NAFTA is the North American Free Trade Agreement. Foreign Minister, Luis Videgaray, wants to have a peaceful negotiation with the U.S. and Canada, but he believes that Mexico will not benefit with this agreement. He doesn't want to pull out of the agreement, but he says he will come to that solution if it needs to be that way. But, now President Trump believes that only Mexico will benefit from this. Conflict is brewing between the two countries. Wilbur Ross, U.S. Commerce Secretary, advised Trump to negotiate with both countries at different times, but Mexico's Economic Minister, Ildefonso Guajardo, disagrees with the idea because it is not fair. NAFTA is trilateral negotiation that should be negotiated in a trilateral manner. Mexico may or may not pull away, but there is definitely an issue that needs solving.

Connection: This connects with the negotiations that President JFK had to deal with when The Soviet Union created their atomic bomb. JFK found this to be quite threatening and decided to negotiate with the Soviets. They had their disagreements, but  they eventually worked things out.

1) Do you believe that Mexico will pull away from NAFTA negotiations involving Canada and France?
2) If you were any part of this agreement as a U.S. official, what would you advise President Trump to do?
3) If Mexico were to pull away, what impact will it have on the U.S.?

London attack: Khalid Masood identified as killer

Attacker Khalid Masood who was shot at the scene.
Khalid Masood, 52 has been identified at the person who killed 4 and injured over 40 in the Westminster attack yesterday in London. He was shot dead by police, however 5 other men and 3 women have also been arrested in possibility of helping prepare this attack. It was also said that the Islamic State Group said it was responsible for this attack. Masood has had previous convictions in the past such as a knife crime in 2003,criminal damage in 1983, and public order offenses. Current investigation is still going on and a memorial was held yesterday evening in Trafalgar Square to honor and remember those who were killed in the attack. 

I am also connecting this to the 9/11 attack. Even if this was much smaller, it is still an act of terrorism that drew international attention and will have to be monitored. Luckily police at Parliament were quick to respond and got the situation under control.

1. Do you think there will be more attacks in London or the surrounding areas in the near future?
2. Do you think police responded well? Explain.
3. What do you think the impact of this attack will be on the international community, especially the US?
4. How do you think the general public is responding to this? 

Jewish Center Bomb Threat Suspect is Arrested in Israel

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An Israeli teenager with US citizenship was arrested for making bomb threats against Jewish institutions in the United States, Australia, and New Zealand. Since the beginning of the year, Jewish centers around the United States have faced more than 100 bomb threats. People threatening violence like this are hard to trace because of modern technology that can hide their location and change their voices on the phone. Unfortunately, anti-Semitism is still prominent today and Jewish people are still faced with hate and discrimination by ignorant, hateful people.

This relates to our Civil Rights unit because Jewish people have been and still are being discriminated against and threatened, just like many other groups of people in America and around the world.

Why do you think racism and discrimination still exists? How do you think the American government should deal with these threats?

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

5 Dead in London Terror Attack Near Britain's Parliament


On March 22nd, 2017, in the heart of London, a man rammed a car into a crowd of people. It wasn't soon after that he stabbed a police officer to death near the Parliment building. He managed to injure 40 people and kill 5, one of them being them self. Many witnesses claim to have seen the event, including former Polish foreign minister Radek Sikorski. Many people point fingers at terrorism, but with the investigation ongoing, it's hard to tell the underlying motives of this incident.

This connects to the 9/11 attacks and the isolationist policy America used to have.

1) What do you think are the motives behind the incident?
2) Who is to blame for these terrorist attacks?
3) Why are most of these attacks public?

Donald Trump kicks boyband One direction out of his hotel

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Summary: President Donald trump kicked boyband one direction out of one of his hotels after they refused to meet his grown up daughter, it has been revealed. Band member Liam Payne gave his report to in a interview with rollacoaster. Payne stated that Trump had phoned their room asking if they'd be happy to meet either Ivanka or Tiffany,which daughter remains unclear, and their manager declined after refusing to wake them up. Trump then proceeded to throw the entire band out of the hotel simply because they did not want to meet his daughter and wife, and even refused to let them leave through a secret exit.

connection: Rosa [parks refusing to give up her seat on the Montgomery bus and later being kicked off and arrested, although in this case its a boy band and they were kicked out of a hotel

Question: Do you think Trump can go any longer with getting away with these childish decision?
                What should the band do in oder to get some sort of justice out of what happened

German Cabinet OKs Plan to Erase Post-War Convictions of Gay Men



Summary: Germany passed a bill that got rid of the convictions on gay men during World War II. This was best expressed by one, Supreme Justice Haas who stated "The rehabilitation of men who ended up in court purely because of their homosexuality is long overdue." The comitee went on to say this is just one step to an equal country for every man and woman.  

Connection: This article shows how much we have expanded as a society since the Lavender Scare. The Lavender Scare was a time where gay people were considered unequal to others.

Question: Do you think there is still a stigma between gays and society? If so how would you fix it?

Project Embrace


Summary: After realizing that her daughter and her daughter's friends did not see their own hair as beautiful and "normal" due to the culture of promoting long, straight hair, Lekia Lee bought a billboard to promote different types of hair. She wanted to show people that no matter what type of hair they have, everyone is beautiful; she wants people to be accepting of all different types of hair, and she does not want people to have biases based off of hair types. Through this billboard, she wants to show everyone that it is good to embrace and love the qualities they were born with. Ultimately, the daughter was excited to see the billboard.

Connection: This connects to the Black Power Movement that tried to remind people that "Black is beautiful." During the time of the Civil Rights Movement, people were also being separated and told they were not "normal" because they were not like the stereotypical people being portrayed in marketing.


  1. Is this a good method of trying to change how people view their hair (and other qualities)?
  2. Do you think this will change how many people view themselves and their unique qualities?
  3. If you were in the mother's situation, what would you have done?

Kansas Supreme Court Says Kansas’ School Funding Is Too Low

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Summary: On Thursday, March 2nd, there was a unanimous ruling by the Kansas Supreme Court deciding that Kansas’ education funding was “unconstitutionally low”. This has created a problem for the governor, Sam Brownback. The extremely low budget for public schools has been negatively affecting black, hispanic and poor students, which has resulted in declining test scores, along with graduation rates. The lawmakers have until June 30 to create a new formula for budgeting which will have to solve these problems. Kansas’ budgeting for schools has been called out twice this year now, which shows how big of a problem it has been.   

Connection: This connects to segregation in school in the 1950’s, because it endangered children’s education and their right to have the same education as the white children.

Questions: Do you think schools should get more funding? If this were Aragon, how would you react and what would you do? How do you think the lawmakers should solve this problem?

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

New Lego set will feature female NASA pioneers


Five new Lego characters will be female scientists and astronauts. They are trying to celebrate the women who were the subject of the movie “Hidden Figures”, and the Lego line was made with the help of NASA. This focus is on those women who helped change space exploration. Maia Weinstock is the person who came up with it. she created these figures to consider girls into careers of science and technology.


This connects to history because women back then only worked in certain fields.

Do you think  toys like this would help?

What are some other ways that would inspire females to enter these fields?

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Shooting by Off-Duty Cop Sparks Protest in Anaheim

Protest in Anaheim  

  An altercation between an off-duty cop and a group of teenagers has cause an uproar in the Anaheim county. The altercation started when a group of teenagers had been on the property of this off-duty cop. During the altercation, the 13 year old boy who was involved allegedly threatened to "shoot" the off-duty cop, although when the off-duty cop put his hands on this young boy and started yelling, the boy screams back that he said he was going "sue", not "shoot". As the officer had this young boy by the arm, the other young teenagers are screaming at the man to let their friend go. It seems this off-duty officer has had problems in the past with teenagers going on his property as he later told police. As the off-duty officer keeps the young boy in his grip, a friend who was another teenager on sight, runs and barrels into the officer knocking him over to free his friend. This is when the officer then stands up, pulls out his weapon, and fires a bullet into the ground. This then causes the teens to flee the area. There are multiple videos that got released of this incident on social media where you can see multiple of these things happening,

  The 13 year old boy  who was in the first altercation was arrested and booked as a juvenile for criminal threats and battery, while the 15 year old boy, who did the tackling, was arrested for assault and battery. The off-duty officer was not arrested.

The riots began from the very scene it all started, which was this officers home. About 300 people took part in the protest which started out breaking the man's window's, shattering car windows, and some even tried to enter the off-duty officer's home. Protesters also broke a police car window and spray painted a garage door and broke a window at a neighboring home.

Connection: This relates back to the Watts Riots because both riots were very violent, and unpleasant. They both wanted to destroy their surroundings and they were not very peaceful riots.

Question: Do you believe it was right what the off-duty officer did? Was it right to detain the 13 year old boy? Were these teenagers in the wrong? Should have the officer been arrested on sight also?

"Drugs are killing so many people in Ohio that cold-storage trailers are being used as morgues"


Drug trafficking in the United States has been an issue for a long time. Recently, drugs have been becoming more potent as cartel and US-based manufactures push higher grade drugs into communities. As a result, fatalities from drug overdoses have become increasingly more common. The community in Stark County Ohio has seen an increase of drug overdose fatalities of 20% just from the last year alone. This increase has devastating implications. The article describes trauma 4 year old and 8 year old children have to face because the death of parents and close relatives because of these horrible overdoses. These are not just freak occurrences either - 26 people were killed by one specific strain of heroin alone with potency similar to that of elephant tranquilizer. The solution the community has is a bit morbid but necessary: have "mobile morgues," aka converted trailers, to deal with the increases in corpses. Overall, the US drug problem's horrible effects, including effects on family life,  are incredibly apparent in this Ohio community. 

Historical Connections:
This relates to the United States', and specifically President Ronald Regan's, "War on Drugs." The war on drugs is a highly debated topic that is regarded by some to be a failure, and this article shows how drugs have not been eradicated from society.
This also relates to recent legalization bills passed by select states on marijuana. Marijuana is considered federally as a Class 1 illegal substance. This is relevant to the article because it brings into question whether legislation should be change in favor of drugs or to crack down on their presence.

Key Questions:
How should this Ohio community manage the death caused by drugs?
How can the US as a whole reduce deaths from overdose?
Put yourself in the place of a child effected by a family overdose - How would you feel? How might this change your outlook on drugs in the future?
Why don't we hear about large numbers of overdoses here in San Mateo County when compared to other states/regions? 

School Shooting in France

School Shooting in France

An armed student entered a high school in southeast France and fired at the head master and students on Thursday. The student was later arrested before a large amount of damage was done. There were no deaths luckily, but two people were injured. News of the event quickly traveled throughout France where school shootings are rarely heard of, and the authorites have been notified to be on high alert due to the event and terroristic behavior. Minister Bruno Le and prime minister Bernard Cazeneuve both met later that day to discuss the situation.

This relates to our unit with JFK because it is unnacceptable that we let situation like these take place so easily, further precautions should be taken to ensure that events like these won't take place.

What should be done to prevent situations like these? Why do events like these occur in the first place? Should anything really be done, because whose fault is it that stuff like this keeps happening?

Women around the world on strike, or at least on pause, in solidarity    

Women around the world stayed home from work, joined rallies or wore red to demonstrate their economic clout on Wednesday March 8th, 2017. In January women's marches drew more than 1 million into the streets after president Donald Trump's inauguration. Wednesday with out a Woman protest in the United States was put together by the organizers of those marches.

This Connects and Wraps up around in the 1950's when women only had to work at home, as a good wife, mother and a diligent homemaker. 

Did you participate or joined in any rally for the International Women's Day?
Do you believe women did right on not protesting for a day?
How do you feel towards this post? 

Great Barrier Reef is Dying

Summary: Huge sections of the Great Barrier Reef, stretching across hundreds of miles of its most pristine northern sector, were recently found to be dead, killed last year by overheated seawater. Professor Hughes says, “Climate change isn’t a future threat, due to it happening for 18 years. Many of the corals in the reef are highly sensitive to even the slightest change in temperature. The Great Barrier Reef corals are dying of because the reef is getting hotter as we go through the years. The reef has increased in 1.5 degrees, as said previously coral die to even the slightest increase in temperature, therefore the Great Barrier Reef is losing all of its inhabitants.

Connection: Dust Bowl, the dust bowl impacted the area in Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico Colorado, Kansas (about 100,000,000 acres in total). These two connect to each other due to the climate change, and it either killing off people/ coral, or making them leave.

Questions: Do you think we can do anything to prevent this from being any worse? Do you think this will affect any other parts of the ocean? If so, how fast do you think it will spread?

Climate change is making us sick, top U.S. doctors say

Climate change is making us sick, top U.S. doctors say


Summary: Recently with all the weather/climate change there has been a lot of illnesses. They state that the man-made climate, aka pollution, has caused illnesses of Americans. Over half the amount of Physicians in the U.S has noticed the dramatic change in the peoples health. The main groups targeted by these illnesses are the elderly and the children. The burning of fossil fuels and oils and other harmful things to our plant are attacking peoples immune systems. They estimate that by the year 2030, the climate change will be responsible for over 240,000 deaths per year in the U.S. They make a good connection and say that it is not only hurting the polar bears its hurting us now. In conclusion too much Carbon Dioxide and Methane is being released into our air causing future deaths from current illnesses.

Connection: This is like the Dust Bowl that happened in the 1930s. The dust bowl killed many people, they would die of Airborne to the the dust. In result many children and elderly would get something called the brown plague which is Dust Pneumonia. They would also get signs of siliciosis.

Questions: What is a good solution? Are we already to far into this problem? Do you think they should ban the burning of these harmful products?

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Federal judge blocks new travel ban; Trump calls it 'judicial overreach'


Summary:  A federal judge in Hawaii blocked President Donald Trump's new travel ban on Wednesday afternoon, hours before the new travel ban was set to go into effect. The new travel ban would have banned people from Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen from entering the US for 90 days and all refugees for 120 days. But unlike the previous executive order, the new one removed Iraq from the list of banned countries, exempted those with green cards and visas and removed a provision that arguably prioritizes certain religious minorities. US District Court Judge Derrick Watson concluded in no uncertain terms that the new executive order failed to pass legal muster at this stage and the state had established "a strong likelihood of success" on their claims of religious discrimination and that the revision to this new travel ban was not enough. Trump spoke the ruling during a rally Wednesday night in Nashville, introducing his statement as "the bad, the sad news". He later added "This is, in the opinion of many, an unprecedented judicial overreach", before pledging to take the issue to the Supreme Court if necessary.

Connection: This connects back to The National Origins Act, The Chinese Exclusion Act. Both of these acts excluded Chinese immigration coming to the United States. Even though these acts were later removed it made it illegal to use race, or ancestry as a way to deny these immigrants from entering our country, which is very similar to what Trump is trying to do with this travel ban. The order is bringing us back to the 19th and 20th centuries, where many immigrants were excluded from coming into America based on their race and where they come from 

Questions: What is your point of view on this topic
Do you believe we should pass this travel ban, for the security of our country?
Do you even think these immigrants coming from mainly the Middle East even pose a threat?
If you do not agree with Trump's travel ban. Why?

Swedish Police: Government Covering Up Huge Migrant Crime Spree


To the typical outsider, Sweden seems like the model country to look towards, being the first to allow as little censorship on the media as possible and promoting free speech. However, its recent ban on the topic of anti-immigration and violent protests involving migrants made it hard for people to speak their minds. When interviewing Swedish Police, they expressed their concerns on how the government isn’t taking any actions to try and limit the behavior of migrants, however, when they do, the migrants seem to not suffer any repercussions. But this isn’t just one city in Sweden, many are suffering the same fate, and many are pleading for help for Government intervention, only to get no reply.
The problem is yet to be resolved.

This connects to policies the US passed to regulate immigration, along with the freedom of speech.

If you were apart of the Swedish Government, what would you do (and why)?
Do you think migrants will become more problematic as time comes?
What’s your opinion on the Swedish Government and their immigration policies?

Monday, March 13, 2017

Westbrook on The Way to MVP Title with 31st Triple Double

Related image


Russell Westbrook had his 31st triple-double in a win against the San Antonio Spurs. With Russell Westbrook having the second most recorded triple-doubles in an NBA season, fans are starting to see him as a perfect match for the MVP title. While reporters poke holes in his shooting percentages and team record saying that numbers can't save him; people can't deny the astonishing effort he puts into games and carries his team even after the loss of all star, Kevin Durant. With James Harden and Kawhi Leonard being other candidates for the title, Oklahoma City Thunder fans only hope that Westbrook continues to put all effort on the court and carry his team through the upcoming playoffs.

Connections: This can connect to Lebron James breaking Grant Hill's record of 29 triple doubles in a single season by getting 36 triple doubles.

1. Do you believe that in order for a player to receive the MVP title, the player's team must be good also?
2. Do you think Russel Westbrook will receive the MVP title, if not then who should?
3. Do you think Russel Westbrook will surpass Roberton's triple double record with a total of 41 with 16 games remaining in the season?

Friday, March 10, 2017

NASA Finds Lunar Spacecraft that vanished 8 Years Ago

It's a ravioli! It's a UFO! It's ... a moon


Summary: NASA has found two lunar spacecrafts. "They have been able to detect NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter [LRO] and the Indian Space Research Organization's Chandrayaan-1 spacecraft in lunar orbit with ground-based radar," said Marina Brozovic, a radar scientist at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California.

Connection: This relates back to the cold war, where we raced Russia to who can get to the moon faster. During this time, we lost many satellites when trying to get into space. This is similar to how we lost two satellites in space in 2009. 

1. Should the US expand their role in exploratory role in space?
2. How do you think Trump will decide?
3. How much should the US invest in space exploration?

The Hate Against The Police

Image result for protect the police

Description: Same people accuse the police of doing their duty as some kind of hate crime or there above the law so they must be hated on because they can get away with lying or other things but, why? The police are their to protect and most of them try their best. Police are people as well as anyone else when it comes to certain situation, there just better prepared for it and some expect them to not make mistakes as if they were law machines. A quote by police officer in Eastern Chicago "More police officers are being killed, because they’re hesitating more before pulling the trigger to defend themselves, [Chief Mark] Becker said." Cops are starting to be hesitated to shoot other people when it's needed because they might be ridiculed afterwards for maybe accidently shooting someone else or because their human beings with a conscious.  Another quote says, Law professor and former police officer Seth Stoughton "There are countless variations, but the lessons are the same: Hesitation can be fatal. So officers are trained to shoot before a threat is fully realized, to not wait until the last minute because the last minute may be too late." Every day of a cops life is to protect and serve. There will always be a time when a cop has to make that split second decision to either to take the shot or risk having other people hurt. The police are not perfect, no one is. There will always be rotten police man in the law enforcement unit and the police brutality was always a problem but, don't use that hate to discriminate all police man.


Connection: The connects with well, nothing because whenever something is brought about the police absolutely nothing good about them is presented. Everyone is focused on what the police did bad, but, whenever the police do good it's just pushed off to the side. This has happened in the past and it's happening now.

Question: Do you think that the police are being unappreciated from the past until now?

Should the police have more respect than what they are given?

Is the treatment of the police justified?

20 years later, Notorious B.I.G.'s killing remains one of L.A.'s biggest unsolved homicides

Notorious B.I.G. was leaving a music industry party at the Petersen Automotive Museum, sitting in the front passenger seat of a Chevrolet Suburban, when his killer pulled up alongside in a dark Chevy Impala. As the SUV idled at a stoplight, the gunman opened fire, hitting the 24-year-old rap star, who was also known as Biggie Smalls, four times. He was rushed to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead shortly after 1 a.m. on March 9, 1997. The fatal round entered his right hip and ripped through his liver, lung and heart. Despite numerous investigations by the Los Angeles Police Department, lawsuits, books and a plethora of allegations, the 20-year-old slaying of the performer whose real name was Christopher Wallace remains officially unsolved. Wallace’s slaying came just six months after rap rival Tupac Shakur was gunned down in Las Vegas. The two killings would become forever intertwined as observers theorized that the violence was fueled by an East Coast-West Coast rivalry. Shakur’s death also remains unsolved. This connects to US history today because police are always treating minorities unfairly ,even after 20 years the LAPD still have not solved The Notorious Big's death. 
Do you think that the LAPD were even trying to solve his death 20 years ago?
Do you think that if he was a white man that they would have found the killer?
Would you say that the way the police system works today is similar to how it worked back then, by the way they treat different races?

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Someone set fire in a children's care home, and 31 teenage girls were killed in there. Nineteen girls at the age of 14 to 17 were killed on the scene and the others were killed in the hospital from the burns. The burns was so bad that they couldn't identify the body with their own eyes; the doctors had to run DNA test. It was a home capacity of 400. 

This relates to the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire because a fire started in a factory and people were trap inside the building. People had to jump of the building for them not to die slowly. 


1) What would you do if a fire started inside a home? Explain

2) What can you do in order to prevent it?