Wednesday, March 22, 2017

5 Dead in London Terror Attack Near Britain's Parliament


On March 22nd, 2017, in the heart of London, a man rammed a car into a crowd of people. It wasn't soon after that he stabbed a police officer to death near the Parliment building. He managed to injure 40 people and kill 5, one of them being them self. Many witnesses claim to have seen the event, including former Polish foreign minister Radek Sikorski. Many people point fingers at terrorism, but with the investigation ongoing, it's hard to tell the underlying motives of this incident.

This connects to the 9/11 attacks and the isolationist policy America used to have.

1) What do you think are the motives behind the incident?
2) Who is to blame for these terrorist attacks?
3) Why are most of these attacks public?


  1. I think the motives behind these terror attacks was to scare the public and try to spread their ideals. I think that ISIS is to blame for these terrorist attacks due to various past incidents who have claimed to been orchestrated by ISIS. I think most of these attacks are public because they want to spread fear and show what they're capable of doing.

  2. I agree that this incident was an attempt to scare the public and spread fear in order to reveal what they are capable of.

  3. This attack was intended to strike terror into citizens. We should be blaming the terrorists themselves and the authority partially because its their duty to prevent situations like these.

  4. I think the motives behind the incident is hate, anger, and tension that many terrorists experience, who are responsible for the attacks. Most of these attacks are public because they want to spread the hate and pain that they experience by harming other innocent people, and they're made public because they're a severe danger and threat to society.

  5. I think the motives behind the incident, aside from terrorism, is the fact that the Parliament is going to formally start the effects of Brexit on the 29th of March, which would then be a week ahead of the attack. The attacker(s) wanted to spread the message of anti-Brexit (or just being against the government in general, I don't know). I can't point a finger on anyone, even the terrorists, because the reason for the attack is unsure yet. I think these attacks were made public to seek the attention of the government (regardless of the reason).

    1. I find the speculation quite interesting, for the killer has been identified that of middle eastern decent, so it is quite reasonable to speculate that they were protesting in such a violent manner, but the accused never had any criminal records prior, or what I've heard on NPR news.

  6. Well many of you point out that these attacks were potentially carried out because they wanted to scare the people and try to give a powerful message to the people, but lets have in mind that the man who carried out these attacks could've have been mentally ill. These are possibilities that the people forget about

  7. The motives of this killer was to strike fear into the hearts of citizens in London. Society is to blame for these terrorist attacks as it is the society's responsibility to keep such events from occurring. The attacks are public to bring attention to the killings.

  8. I think that the motives for this killer were because was probably mentally ill and was suicidal. Idk who could've behind it because I'm not a psychic. And these attacks are obviously public because they want to injure a good amount of people. duhh

  9. Well people are crazy and do crazy things. They could have done it for attention, pride (i don't know how that would make someone feel proud about them self), or they could be just crazy. i have no idea who is be hide these attacks, maybe a wanna be ISIS. but i know this was for attention or to make a statement.