Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Illegal sex-selective abortions uncovered in India

This week in Maharashtra, India, a doctor and his brother were charged and convicted for performing illegal sex-selective abortions. Since 1994 it has been illegal to find out the sex of the baby a woman is carrying, a law passed to prevent sex-selective abortions. In India as well as many other Asian countries, these types of abortions have been performed because many expecting mothers do not want a female child. A daughter comes with different responsibilities than a son, such as a dowry for when she marries. Because of this, female fetuses are being aborted to lessen those responsibilities, but this also resulted in having the male to female child ratio drop dramatically to 89/100. Because of this, there is an increased demand for wives, which has and continues to feed the human trafficking and sex trafficking industries.

These selective abortions tie into eugenics, a movement popular during the 1940's. The purpose of eugenics was to get rid of the "weaker" races and people that were disabled or mentally handicapped. It also relates to the feminism movement, in which many people fight to end the discrimination based on sex and/or gender.

Could this relate to any other historical events? If so, which ones?
How could this relate to the current conflict over abortion rights?

Link to CNN article


  1. The only connection I could make to this was China's one child policy but I guess it doesn't directly relate to the topic of abortion. On another note throughout history it has been very common to want a male child over a female. Take Henry VIII for example, he divorced his first wife Katherine of Aragon because she only had a girl and he desperately wanted a male heir and his second wife Anne was beheaded because she gave birth to only a girl (Elizabeth I),


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  2. I think this could relate to all the women missing in D.C. because people want more women to get married in middle east countries. Seeing it from this P.O.V. i do see why some are against abortion, because they don't want to get rid of any races, but i do still believe it's a womens choice at the end of the day.

  3. I feel that this is one of the reasons why people are against abortions-- because people have a preference towards male or female. And although in my opinion, Sex-Selective abortions are obviously inhumane, it's more important to break down the traditions of the stereotypes for men and women to truly stop this illegal act.

  4. I think this relates to current abortion rights because this problem in India is even more specific because the abortions are based on the gender of the baby.

  5. This relates most to the recent abortion rights issues, as many believe that abortion should only occur if the woman was conceived from rape, the mother's life is in danger or the child's life is in danger.

  6. I believe that this more closely relates to the decision to have more males than females in china thoughout the many years. I also believe that this goes with aortion rights as it is under their choice in whether or not they should abort their children whether or not it is for the greater good, or just their own preference. (Don't hate me :( )

  7. This relates to china's one child law. It connects to present day abortion controversy.

  8. This definitely relates to the laws in china and there rules about having children and how males are usually wanted over females. For present day, this relates to the abortion issue and how some think its wrong and some think its right

  9. I mean you could relate that to the one child policy law in china but, that's reasonable considering that china has over a billon people in it's own country. The child labor laws in china could be another connection

  10. Unfortunately, events similar to these which treat women as second-class citizens have been prominent in the Middle East and Asia. The only way I can see to prevent these is for the Indian government to install stricter abortion laws, to allow abortions only when necessary, or make rules getting rid of marriage laws and dowrys.