Thursday, March 23, 2017

Mexico Is Willing to Pull Away From NAFTA Negotiations that Involves Canada and the U.S.

Summary: Mexico is having an issue with NAFTA negotiation. NAFTA is the North American Free Trade Agreement. Foreign Minister, Luis Videgaray, wants to have a peaceful negotiation with the U.S. and Canada, but he believes that Mexico will not benefit with this agreement. He doesn't want to pull out of the agreement, but he says he will come to that solution if it needs to be that way. But, now President Trump believes that only Mexico will benefit from this. Conflict is brewing between the two countries. Wilbur Ross, U.S. Commerce Secretary, advised Trump to negotiate with both countries at different times, but Mexico's Economic Minister, Ildefonso Guajardo, disagrees with the idea because it is not fair. NAFTA is trilateral negotiation that should be negotiated in a trilateral manner. Mexico may or may not pull away, but there is definitely an issue that needs solving.

Connection: This connects with the negotiations that President JFK had to deal with when The Soviet Union created their atomic bomb. JFK found this to be quite threatening and decided to negotiate with the Soviets. They had their disagreements, but  they eventually worked things out.

1) Do you believe that Mexico will pull away from NAFTA negotiations involving Canada and France?
2) If you were any part of this agreement as a U.S. official, what would you advise President Trump to do?
3) If Mexico were to pull away, what impact will it have on the U.S.?


  1. I believe that mexico will pull away, when having the chance to. The reason why Donald Trump became president is because he made these bold commitments, and the people of America who voted for him, wants him to follow through with those commitments. One of the things he had said was I am going to build a wall to keep the Mexican people out. Since this may or may not happen, I think mexico will gladly step aside to not work with the U.S. in NAFTA anymore. I would advise him not to build a wall, and try to make anymore enemies, keep the peace between allies. I think, the 10.5 billion dollars they had spent on mexico would have been a waste of resources, and I think they would lose a strong ally.

  2. Mexico can't really afford to pull out of NAFTA. As a developing economy, they rely on good-based-economies and not service economies. Most economists agree that free trade is good for both nations as it is a fundamental principle of economics, but Mexico can't afford to lose its two biggest trading partners. The U.S. would be poorer overall if Mexico did so, but it could make do. The threat is blank.

  3. i do not believe they will separate because mexico does not have any where else to rely for power and has no strength to survive as an individual.losing their partnership would crash the economy and also leaves room for negotiations an deals to keep them in.