Thursday, March 9, 2017

U.S. General Discusses Syria With Counterparts From Russia and Turkey

 US Generals met with Russian and Turkish diplomats to discuss ways to deal with Syria peacefully and avoiding confrontation with each other while fighting Syrian terrorist organizations. There have been incidents where the three countries have accidentally attacked one another, mistaking them for the terrorist organizations. There is conflict within the countries in fighting for control over Syria and expanding their control in foreign areas. All three want to liberate the people in Northern Syria from danger but at the same time want control.

This current event relates to WWI because both Russia and US were allied to get rid of a common enemy that is threatening their country. The two superpowers, in addition to Turkey, are trying to work together despite past feuds to stop future harm happening from Syrian terrorist groups, such as ISIS (ISIL).

1. Do you think that the three countries can work together to solve a common problem or will this alliance fall apart and start something bigger between the three?

2. What do you think can be done to resolve issues and protect the people of the United States, Russia, and Turkey?

1 comment:

  1. I don't think these 3 countries will be able to work together to solve a common problem because they have already accidentally attacked each other. There alliance will most likely fall apart leading to something bigger.
    I think to resolve problems the countries should split up and border some things for while till things calm down.