Monday, April 10, 2017

Airline Refuses to Board Passengers Due to Attire

Summary: In the waiting area of a flight at Denver International Airport, a female United Airlines agent was heard refusing to let three female passengers board because they were wearing leggings. One of the passengers, a young girl had a dress she could put over the leggings and was allowed into the flight. The passengers were two teens with a young girl, traveling as "pass travelers". Pass travelers are people who are relatives or friends of someone who works in that certain airline. The company had then stated that if the girls were regular passengers and not pass travelers, they would have been allowed onto the flight. This incident caused people to boycott the airlines because of their "body shaming".

Connection: Rosa Parks was a black woman who refused to give up her seat on a bus for a privileged white. The three passengers were denied entry onto the flight because of their attire, but if they were not pass travelers they would have been let on board. If Rosa Parks was white, she would not have been asked to give up her seat, and these events wouldn't have led towards the boycott of the buses or airlines.

Question: Was this justified? Why or why not? How did this impact the Civil Rights Movement?

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  1. i don`t think it is justified since they are mainly being target because of being " pass travelers" which is also being said that if they were not, they would be okay to go in to the plane.